Day 8 (September 17, 2015)   Ayer's Rock


   Our flight to Sydney leaves at 2:20 PM. Until then, we could visit the rock one more time if there is any detail we missed the previous days.

   Arrival at Sydney is scheduled at 5:50 PM after a three hours flight.

   We could enjoy the night views of the Bay before going to sleep.

Ayer's Rock

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Outback Pioneer Lodge

 1- Uluru (Ayer's Rock)

 2- Kata Juta (The Olgas)


   At 8 AM we’re starting the morning of this day to close a stage of this travel. I fill fuel in the car at incredible rate of 3.5$ per liter before delivering it. I walk back to our room through the central sand area and go up to Imalung Lookout to say goodbye to these unique views.

View from Imalung Lookout
View from Imalung Lookout

   Once at room, we get our baggage ready for checking out at 10 AM, the limit time. At 11 AM we cook what today is going to be a brunch, as the bus to the airport leaves at 12 PM.

Red sand paths at Ayer's Rock ResortTypical doves of Australian Outback

   We create a line in front of the check desks as all of us have come in the same bus and the 3 hours flight leaves at its scheduled time to land in Sydney at 6 PM.

Ayer's Rock airport
Arrival at Sydney

  We take a train by 17.5$ which takes us in Kings Cross after a change in Central station. This is just a few meters from our hotel.

Kings Cross station streetOur room in Bayswater Sydney

   We only leave our room for dinner as there are a lot of restaurants offering different sort of food in this street, we finally take sushi by 30$ in total.