Day 1 (September 10, 2015)   Flight to Singapur


   We’re going to be flying 14 hours this day, which actually started the previous one, when we left Barcelona at 10:45 PM on September 9th to reach Singapore today at 8:55 PM after a two hours link at Dubai.

   Our entire plan for the few hours in Singapore today is resting from this long trip.

Flight Barcelona - Singapore


   Flying with Emirates is fantastic and after six hours and a half since we leave we land in Dubai as scheduled.

   We’ve got barely two hours in Dubai and when we reach the boarding gate for our next flight we can use the spare time for checking the shops and looking through the glass walls the city skyscrapers drawing the skyline. Somehow, it’s difficult to have a glimpse of the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, and is only when we’re taking off that I get some bad pictures from it.

Dubai's airport

   It’s 8:30 PM when we land in Singapore and it is already dark. Immigration tasks , baggage and taxi are fast all together and we get our hotel in less than one hour since we left the plane. We’ve paid 30 SG$ for the taxi, which I pay using the ones I’ve got exchanging 50€ at the airport.

   We’re tired, but we go out for some dinner, more to see some of the city than because of hunger. The sights of Marina Bay from the taxi have attracted us to see more. Actually, our travel starts just here and now.

Emirates' planeRoute for this last flight

   We walk through a commercial area, but the most of the places are closed. It looks like a place having a lot of live during the day. But now we’re close to 11 PM the restaurants are closed for new customers even having some inside.

   Our only option turns to be a Burger King and we get two junior menus by 9.90 SG$ in total. Some differences with our menus there: fries are not coming with ketchup but a cheese sauce, and don’t forget we’ve had our dinner the both of us by less than 7€.

   We come back to hotel and we’re sleeping around midnight.