Day 10 (September 19, 2015)   Blue Mountains


   We must take a train in Sydney Central station to reach Katoomba, where we’re going to spend the day enjoying Blue Mountains National Park.

   If there is time, we could visit Jenolan caves.

Image of Blue Mountains

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Katoomba train station
 1- Scenic World
 2- Echo Point lookout
 3- Katoomba Falls
 4- Valley


   I’m in Central Station on time to take the train at 7:22 AM destination to Mount Victoria. I’ve paid 17.60$ by each return ticket to Katoomba. When I called yesterday asking about the only single day tour combining the Blue Mountains with the Jenolan Caves they answered they’re no longer doing it as it’s too much time in the bus for so few time actually visiting things, so that means we have little options of seeing any platypus. Train takes around two hours in reaching Katoomba. Once out of the station, I go directly to Carlston Hotel because in front of it is the stop for bus 686, the alternative to the a lot more expensive touristic bus. I pay 2.40$ for the ride to Echo Point.

686 bus stop in Echo Point686 bus

  Somehow, this popular lookout is useless now as Blue Mountains are white today: fog everywhere preventing of seeing anything.

Echo PointEcho Point

   I go to the information center because there are no more places to go here and get an obvious answer for an obvious question: fog can go or no, nobody can tell. Just besides it there is the start for the walk to Three Sisters, but that is not the one we’re going to do today.

Three sister aboriginal PlaceThree sister aboriginal Place

   I wait for the 686 bus to go to Scenic world this time and I can get all the information about our options and the walk we want to do: Katoomba Falls walk. We’re explained we can join the walk down to the valley after the falls, as that is what we’re going to do because of the fog. My thought is taking the Railway to get back up here, but we’re not going to use the Cableway or Skyway as the highlight of these are the views, which are missing today.

Scenic WorldSkyway

  A few seconds after starting the walk I’ve joined the nature and feeling part of this spectacular landscape. This is an amazing environment and the fog is not affecting here but for improving the views, if that is even possible. I’m taking pictures all the time and take the way to Katoomba Falls, which are not disappointing.

Katoomba FallsKatoomba Falls

   Then we take the way down to the valley by the part called Furber Steps, with more falls and beautiful fern forest.

Falls in Furber StepsFurber steps

Vera's Grotto

Way to the valley

   The way is narrow in most of its parts, with a lot of steps and, sometimes, the vegetation have clears allowing access to breathtaking views, which were spoiled today, but every time less, as the fog is running out.

Walk in Blue MountainsWalk in Blue Mountains

   There are some lookouts in the way and we can see progressively further as fog seems to make a roof, but is clear under it. Somehow, this roof takes the Three Sisters peaks and the one below is the best picture I can take from the most iconic spot in Blue Mountains.
View from Furber LookoutMy best picture of Three Sisters
   Once down in the valley, we take a circled walk passing by a coal mine and beautiful natural forests. All the walks are over a wood platform, elevated in most of the places, keeping people out of the forest ground.
Mine in Blue MountainsWalkway in Blue Mountains
   When we end the walkway, we’re again by the Railway, which we take. It takes us quickly to the top with Indiana Jones music in an almost vertical way, allowing us to see the valley through the glass roof, which we have in front of us the most of the time.
Railway in Blue MountainsRailway in Blue Mountains
   We pay up in the Scenic World 16$ for each one way trip. I can see fog keeps covering everything at this level, so no point to go to Echo lookout and we take the bus back to the train station instead just on time to take the one at 12:34 PM.

   After two hours of trip we’re back at the hotel and go to lunch in what already is my favourite place in Sydney: Fresca 24-Hour Food Service, a place with prepared food to take away, but we eat it right there this time. It’s also the place where I’m coming every morning to get my hot chocolate and a good piece of strudel.

Walking by SidneyWalking by Sidney

   We take a walk by the area around the hotel for some shopping just before getting the rom soon.