Day 6 (September 15, 2015)   Ayer's Rock: Arrival


Ayer's Rock

   We leave Melbourne early to land in the small airport in Ayer’s Rock around noon from a three hours flight.

   Once having our room we will enjoy our first sights of Uluru from the resort.

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Outback Pioneer Lodge

 1- Ayer's Rock airport

 2- Uluru


   We pay 56$ for the taxi taking us to the airport at 7 AM for our 10 AM flight. I’m shocked when I see how we’ve got the plane just with the booking number used in the automatic check in. We haven’t been requested for ID’s in any moment. In three hours, at 12:30 PM as scheduled, our plane reaches the small airport on this land which is red since a while. It’s not I’m not good at maths, but time difference with Melbourne is 30 minutes here.

Ayer's Rock airport

   Ayer’s Rock airport is a small track in the middle of the desert, so the exit is simple: we just walk down the stairs from the plane and get into the building for our baggage, then we take the bus belonging to our allocation from the line outside. Ours is the one labeled as “Outback Pioneer Lodge & Hotel”. Somehow, our room is not ready yet so, as it is 1 PM now, we go to lunch. A kangaroo wrap and a bacon with beef pizza by 41$.

The only baggage carousel at Ayer's Rock airportOutback Pioneer Hotel & Lodge

Outback Pioneer Hotel & Lodge

  We explore the resort, but we start with our area, with a great kitchen where we can cook our food. Then we walk to the CentralAyer's Rock Resort map area with all the business here. We need to check our options for tomorrow. As the cheaper of these options is a single trip in Uluru Express bus by 70$ each, we rent a car in Avis by 140$ + 33$ for the excess reduction.

   This resort is organized all around a circled road. Inside this circle there is just a sample of the red sand desert surrounding us with a hill with a lookout at the top. Along this road is where you find the different accommodation types: camping, lodge, apartments, etc…; the common central area with the tours, shops, the supermarket…; the police station, the gas station, the firemen, … There is a lookout belonging to the Outback Pioneer Hotel & Lodge, where we are, and another one in a place before reaching this circled road I’m talking about, where is the camel farm for tours. It is labeled as “Uluru lookout” at the map at left. All this is covered by a free shuttle bus with specific times. One thing they explain to you is all areas are common, regardless the place they belong to, this way, you can use the swimming pool and restaurant of the other hotels.

   Another thing we have here is the free indigenous activities program and dances are Friday to Tuesday at 4 PM, so it is now our last option of watching them. .

Aboriginal dances at Cultural CenterTown Square in Ayer's Rock Resort

View of Ayer's Rock Resort

   We take the shuttle bus to go to the Uluru lookout. It is not an official stop, but if you tell to the driver he’ll stop you there.

Ayer's Rock Resort shuttle busView of Uluru

   Where there is a hill here, there is a lookout to Uluru. We go to this one and the one at our own lodge, close to our room.

Uluru view from lookout
Kata Juta view from lookout

   The sun sets far from Uluru, but close to Kata Juta, the other rock formation here.

Sunset from Pioneer lookout

   We close this day by eating the noodles we’ve brought as dinner in our room as we don’t need the kitchen to get hot water because of the coffee and tea machine.

Paths to rooms in Outback Pioneer LodgeOur room at Outback Pioneer Lodge