Day 13 (September 22, 2015)   Cape Tribulation


Cape Tribulation - Cairns route

   Our goal for this day is driving back to Cairns.

   We have no rushes and stop in the way at our will at spots we missed the previous day.


   After getting our breakfast, the only on included in the room rate in all this country, we’re ready for the first visit of the day: the place we’re allocated in, Rainforest Hideaway. Obviously, I’m not talking about our bungalow, with its particular bathroom delimited by one wooden wall and the jungle. One can feel part of this environment when taking a shower or using the water closet facing the dense vegetation with a path for an exclusive area for ourselves. The picture at right is what can be seen from the shower.

Rainforest HideawayThree of the walls of our bathroom

   The owner of this place has developed the sculpture as hobby and the rainforest is full of his works. At the moment we start the itinerary we feel ourselves surrounded by jungle and only these creations, in such magnificent environment, are our link to civilization.

Art gallery in Rainforest HideawayArt gallery in Rainforest Hideaway

Art gallery in Rainforest HideawayArt gallery in Rainforest Hideaway

   The path is a sort of a maze and is full of surprises.

Jungle landscape in Rainforest HideawaySpider in the jungle

   We decide to going back when I feel we could get lost here.

   We leave the hotel and take the main road with no stops until the only walk we missed yesterday: Jindalba boardwalk, close to the ferry.

Jindalba BoardwalkJindalba Boardwalk

   This walk is all on a wooden and floating platform allowing an easy way of exploring this part of the rainforest and be amazed of this vegetation.

Line for Daintree ferry

   We use the return ticket we purchased yesterday for crossing Daintree River and take the road to Cairns. In all Australian states we’ve driven we haven’t found any highway allowing more than 100 Km/h.

Daintree ferry ratesDaintree ferry

   As we planned yesterday, we’re stopping in the lookouts in our way, which now are in our side of the road.

Beach in the coast in our way to CairnsBeach in the coast in our way to Cairns

Beach in the coast in our way to CairnsBeach in the coast in our way to Cairns

  We stop in Port Douglas for a walk, a beautiful town which we see as a place for well-off people. It would be a sort of Australian Santa Barbara.

Port Douglas' Marina view
Port DouglasPort Douglas

   We reach Cairns around 2 PM and stop in a shopping area to eat two pizzas in Domino’s. Then we visit the Marina area and explore the shops around there. We deliver the car just about the time limit as in Cairns it is needed for going anywhere.

Street in CairnsStreet in Cairns

   I deliver the car at 5 PM and enjoy the swimming pool at hotel until it is dark. We’re getting our dinner from the food we already have, including the spare pizza.