Day 2 (September 11, 2015)   Singapore


    Our flight to Melbourne leaves at 9 PM, so we have almost the entire day to explore Singapore.

   Our thought for this first day on this city is to walk by the streets of Muslim, Indian and Chinese districts and, of course, viewing Marina Bay.

Map of Singapore

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Ibis Singapore on Bancoolen
 1- Kampong Glam
 2- Little India
 3- Chinatown
 4- Sentosa Island
 5- Changi Airport
 6- Marina Bay
 7- Zoo and Night Safari


   We’ve slept too much, we even check out later than the limit time, but with only 15 minutes past 12 PM we’ve got no problems. We’ve rested and probably passed the worst of the jet lag, but the morning is out now.

   We go to the Bagis metro station but, in our way, we find two busy temples together, just sharing a wall: one Chinese and one Hindu.

Chinese temle in SingaporeHindu temple in Singapore

   We take the clean metro for the two stops until Bayport station. We’ve paid 1,60 SG$ for each single ticket. We follow the indications to Gardens by the Bay but once outside we’re welcomed by the colossal Marina Bay hotel. Maybe the most popular building in Singapore, with its three towers holding a huge platform shaped as a boat.

Bagis metro stationHotel Marina Bay building

   We soon find the shuttle service which takes us to the visitor center by 2 SG$ the return trip. Once there, we pay 28 SG$ for the tickets for the two futuristic domes they have here: Cloud forest and Flower dome.

The two gardens on domesCloud Forest dome

   We get first into Cloud Forest one and the first sight we get is a green mountain covered by tropical vegetation with some falls and the cold that we are glad to feel after being so hot outside.

   We explore the place, first at ground level, and then taking the lift to the top and making our way down through the floating platforms around this particular structure linking its levels. We love this special display of rainforest vegetation where the natural is treated in an artificial way, but just to emphasize it.

Falls ar Cloud Forest gardenCloud Forest garden

Cloud Forest garden

Cloud Forest garden

   When our visit is over we get into the only restaurant here: a Chinese one which is going to close the kitchen in ten minutes. We order several things knowing at 3 PM we cannot order anything else from the kitchen and we enjoy our meal alone until getting really full. We pay 74 SG$ for that.

Views from the gardensHall of Gardens by the Bay's Visitor Center

   We get now into the Flower dome, a more usual botanical garden, where the vegetation is organized by areas of the world. Decoration is fantastic and I’m amazed by the Madagascar area, with the baobabs and the spectacular sculptures, as the dragon one.

Madagascar Area at Flower Dome
A Dragon at Flower DomeFlower Dome

   When we leave from here we take the shuttle back to the Marina Bay area. We still have one hour and we decide to spare the big area with the artificial trees for our next visit and go to the top Marina Bay building. For that, we follow the platform we’ve seen gets inside the building, but it is just to get the other side through it, so we still must get down to the ground level and walk until the Tower 3 entrance because, besides it, there is the Sands Skypark, which is a lookout part, site in the peak of this boat shaped structure of the top.

Gardens by the Bay

   Somehow, to access it we must go downstairs from the ground level, where the ticket boxes are, and get our admissions by 23 SG$, then take the elevator there to floor 56 where we immediately get magnificent views from the Gardens of the Bay we just left and the ocean, where we can see a lot of big boats waiting their turn to the busiest port in Asia.

Gardens by the Bay view from Marina BayTop of Marina Bay Hotel

   Following the prow of this particular ship we can see the sports area and the skyscrapers of the financial center. At the end, we can see the famous swimming pool of this hotel, at the same edge we are looking from. Access to it is only allowed to hotel guests.

Singapore view from Marina Bay

   We walk back to the metro station and then to the hotel, where we take our baggage and a taxi to the airport by 23 SG$. We’re at Jetstar counters by 6:40 PM and our flight is at 9 PM. Here, the security control is at every boarding gate, when I was starting to think I could get into the plane without being scanned.

   We spend the night at the plane, where we alredy paid for the meals and the use of the screen with the movies and games. The duration of this flight is 7 hours and 45 minutes and let’s see if I manage to sleep something coming from 12 hours slept last night.