Day 4 (September 13, 2015)   Great Ocean Road and Melbourne


   After completing the visits we couldn’t do the previous day we will cover the 230 Km from Port Campbell back to Melbourne, this time using the motorway, out of the coast.

   Once with hotel in the Melbourne we could spend the rest of the day on exploring the city center.

Port Campbell area


   We wake up early but, as we don’t have any rushes, it’s not until past 9 AM that we leave the hotel because the time limit for checking out is 10 AM.

   We take our breakfast in a place where a woman cooks for me, out of menu, a combo with toasts, fried eggs, bacon, tomato… My wife takes a fish’n chips. We pay 18$ for everything. It’s past 10 AM when we leave Port Campbell to start our visiting. The first stop is a lookout to the town.

Port CampbellPort Campbell

  The highlights we want to see are very close each other. We stop for watching the Arch.

Stone Arch at Great Ocean RoadViews at Loch ard Gorge

   Then we drive to the Twelve Apostles stopping at Loch ard Gorge in the way. All here is based in these spectacular rock formations over the sea, covered with this yellow tone land has over here.

Coast by Great Ocean Road
Loch ard GorgeLoch ard Gorge

   We’ve already been in our next stop: Twelve Apostles, but we’re coming back to enjoy these breathtaking views one more time, this time at daylight.

The Twelve Apostles

   We do one last stop at Gibson Steps. This place gives the chance to walk down to the beach to enjoy these rocks from the sand, but the access is closed now because of the high tide. Without this, this lookout doesn’t deserve to stop as the views to these two formations are better from the Twelve Apostles lookout.

View from Twelve Apostles lookoutView from Gibson Steps lookout

   With this we’re done with the Great Ocean Road. We drive back to Port Campbell because at the 12 Apostles’ bar we’ve been indicated there is the closest gas station and there is a road until M1, the fastest way to reach Melbourne.

   Once at M1, we stop in Colca around 2 PM to get our lunch in a Chinese restaurant by 40€. We’re back to the road complete our way to Greelong and drive the motorway we covered yesterday back to the city.

View from Great Ocean RoadView from Great Ocean Road

   I was ready to get quite lost at city center but we find City Tempo Melbourne CBD pretty easily. It’s close to 5 PM and, as sunset is around 6 PM, we go out immediately to wlaking to the popular riversides.

Melbourne viewMelbourne view

   This is an area full of live. There are lights at the stadium and, when we see a lot of people wearing the same yellow and black shirt, it is clear there is some match going on at this time of a Sunday.

Melbourne view

   Later on, when I was eating a Parma porterhouse – a big steak, breaded and covered with ham and cheese – the tv in front of me was showing the highlights of a match where I recognized the yellow and black shirt as the one belonging to the North Melbourne team, which won today as local.