Day 21 (September 30, 2015)   Return


   Our flight back to home, via Dubai, leaves Singapore at 10:35 AM. Arrival at Barcelona is scheduled by 9 PM.

Barcelona - Singapore flight


   Everything goes well in our way back to home: one of the taxis waiting at hotel's door take us to the airport where we board to our flight to Dubai right on time. Singapore's airport has amazed us with free game machines, power, internet... We already knew the food and entertainment in Emirates flights, so we reach Dubai fully satisfied.

Dubai's airport

   When our flight to Barcelona takes off I look aftert a picture of the Burj Khalifa Tower and I get it thanks to the plane moves, which gives me a great view of Dubai's city center. That's just before leaving the city and see the desert that makes the most of this country.

Dubai's skyscrappersDesert around Dubai

   This is the end of an amazing travel where we've been able to enjoy the very best of Australia and gave us the chance of dicover our new favourite city, to which I'm sure we'll come back: Singapore.