Day 19 (September 28, 2015)   Singapore


   Our flight to Singapore leaves early, at 6 AM, but this will allow us to have the entire day in Singapore as we’ll arrive at 9:10 AM there.

   We'll have the entire day to visit the spots we missed the first day

   At night we have the option of being at Night Safari.

Singapore city map

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Ibis Singapore on Bancoolen
 1- Kampong Glam
 2- Little India
 3- Chinatown
 4- Sentosa Island
 5- Changi airport
 6- Marina Bay
 7- Zoo and Night Safari


Our itinerary through Singapore's Indian and Arab Quarters        We start this day very early to reach our flight at 6 AM to Singapore. With this, we’re saying good bye to JetStar, Australia and Oceania continent as, after 4 hours and a half, we’re landing in our Asian destination.

   We haven’t got a sleep in the plane but, even with that, we’re leaving the hotel for the itinerary we plan to walk at 11 AM, Singapore time already.

   This route is taking us from the hotel to the Indian Quarter until reaching the most iconic temple there: Sri Veeramakaliamman. Then we’ll change direction to address to the Arab Quarter to see the mosque.

   Our plan for today completes by lunching somewhere around the hotel and resting until the night safari.

   So, ready to follow this plan, we’re walking to Serangoon Road through Albert Court, where we can see some samples of the British colonial past of this city.

Albert CourtAlbert Court

   When we reach the mentioned Serangoon Rd, the Indian Quarter welcomes us with a gate pointing to Deepavali festival, which seems to be now. So we’ve got the bonus of having the streets dressed for it.

Deepavali in Little IndiaDeepavali in Little India

   Once we pass through this gate we’re seeing ourselves in the typical hassle in Indian streets. We get into Little Indian Arcade because of the colorful of the market inside.

Outside of Little India ArcadeLittle India Arcade

Little India Arcade

   Our metabolism is confused because all the time changes we’ve got lately and get into a place to taste some of the food from here. As what we know is “samosas” and we like them we order two Samosa Cheena Chaat by 4.80 SGD each. The drink is free if you use a glass and fill it with water. The plateful is quite bigger than we expected, with the two samosas in one side and full with one of these Indian mixes where is difficult to identify what is there whether using the sight or taste, as the spices make everything is tasting good. And hot spicy too! In a way that I have to help with my wife’s plate as she cannot eat it.

   Just after this we reach the Hindu temple Sri Veeramakaliamman, where we can enjoy watching the colorful mythological typical figures.

Sri Veeramakaliamman TempleSri Veeramakaliamman Temple

   From here we take Veerasamy Road to address to the Arab Quarter, passing by the Kampong Kapor Methodist Church and the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Veerasamy RoadHouses in Veerasamy Road

Kampoong Kapor Methodist ChurchChurch of Our Lady of Lourdes

   We admire the Sultan Mosque when we reach it, once in the Arab Quarter and enjoy the time making us pictures with it.

Sultan MosqueSultan Mosque

   We get into one of the restaurants in front of the Mosque because, although it’s over an hour since we ate in the Indian Quarter, Eva is hungry, as she could barely eat there. We’re attracted by the Singapore Zam Zam where they have a highlight named Murtabak. We want to taste as it’s looking great in the pictures. The rates are size based and I order the second smallest beef one as I’m quite full. My wife orders the same and some calamari as a starter.

   I cannot imagine how big the biggest one is! Our “small” murtabaks are big. It is a sort of rolled cake with ground beef with come other things and is delicious. We leave the place fully satisfied and by just 25 SGD in total.

Murtabak at Singapore Zam ZamTypical street in Arab Quarter

   We walk back to the hotel and we buy ice creams and some Arab sweets when going through a shopping mall. We’re tired and our plan now is to rest in our room for a while.

   We’re there for about four hours and go out around 5 PM for some shopping in the markets around Burgis Street .

Market at Bugis StreetMarket at Bugis Street

   When the sky gets dark and rain is falling strong we take the decision of leaving the night safari for a next visit to this city as it is outdoors. This way we can be with full power for tomorrow. We explore the market indoors and go to bed early.

Chinesse mithology at Bugis StreetChinesse mithology at Bugis Street