Day 5 (September 14, 2015)   Melbourne


Ruta a Moonlit Wildlife park  

   This day is dedicated to enjoy the local fauna in the park we’ve chosen between the big range of places: Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park.

   We’ll have the chance of pet koalas, dingos and wallabies there and see animals we hardly will see in the wild, as the Devil of Tasmania.

   If we have time before delivering the car we could pass by Woodlands Historic Park, just in front of the airport, to see kangaroos.


   We go to the parking around 9:30 AM to take our car. The park opens at 10 AM, so we’re fine in time. We take a while for taking M1 because, even driving by Queen Street, which is right, we did it in the wrong direction for some time. Once at M1 we leave it to M420 and then M780 for getting the park just before 11 AM.

   Admission is 18$ and the pack we take is 38$. This pack is the “Animal encounter”, which allows us to be with koalas, dingoes and a python. There is a specific time marked for every encounter and, as we have 20 minutes for the first one, we go to see the Tasmanian Devil, which is sleeping peacefully on its refuge. Just after it we can see some kangaroos and wallabies looking for food. I’ve bought three bags of it, so we happily enjoy feeding them.

Tasmanian DevilFeeding a wallaby

  At 11:30 AM we are by koalas’ area to be with one for a few minutes. Their fur is soft and we can take pictures of each other and, at the end, the caretaker takes us photos to the both of us together.

Our koalaKoala

   We have some time after it until our next encounter at 12 PM. So we walk by the left side to see the wombat and the first part of the Wallaby walk: a path between trees where are living colonies of different wallaby species. We see a couple of these groups, but they’re resting at shadow and are not attracted by our food.

Wallabies at shadow

   At 12 PM we’re in the dingo enclosure to play with two young brothers as if they were domestic dogs.


   Our last encounter is at 12:30 PM and now we have time to do the entire Wallaby walk. Only one small wallaby with a baby comes to eat from our hand. It’s clear this walk must be done first time in the morning, when they’re still hungry before all the visitors give them their food. The spare food is for the ducks and goose are chasing for it all around.
Wallaby with babyDucks
   This walk ends when we were with the kangaroos before, and they still eat from our hand lying over the grass. I lay with one of them and give it big part of the food I still have. Tasmanian Devil is still sleeping, so we walk back to the visitor center for our last encounter.
Gray kangaroosGray kangaroos
   At 12:30 PM we’re the only ones with the encounter with the snake. It is a small python and we can feel the pressure it is doing to us from every inch of its body we have around.

Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation ParkPitón

   We’re back to the park to be where we’ve not been yet and finish with the food. After being in the aviary and watching the emu, we give our food to the ducks.


   We get our lunch there before taking the car back to the city: pumpkin chowder and a beef pie for each of us by 23$ in total.

   I drive directly to the Rental office, close to the airport, to deliver the car. They take us to the airport in order we can get the city from it using the Skybus by 18$ each.

Melbourne from the Skybus

   After a short rest at hotel, we go out for a supermarket, as we want to take some food with us to the desert tomorrow because we’ve read it is very expensive there. We want to take advantage of the kitchen in our room too for a homemade dinner tonight.

   For dinner we take some pasta and to take tomorrow we buy mostly meat, as there is a barbeque in Ayer’s Rock and it is cheap here compared with the rest of goods. As an example: The price for 4 burgers is the same than a liter of coca cola: 6$. We pay 88$ for all our shopping.