Day 12 (September 21, 2015)   Cape Tribulation


Cairns - Cape Tribulation route

   We have a car booked for this day to drive to Cape Tribulation and will deliver the next day.

   In our way to the North we’ll stop at the several lookouts for the beach and rainforest landscapes.

   Beaches are beautiful here but cannot be visited peacefully as salt water crocodiles live in them.


   I’m leaving the hotel to the car rental office at 9 AM, after breakfast. I’m lucky it is just in the next street, but Cairns is large on despite it is not having a big population. Streets are wide and long avenues and walking the one hundred numbers until the office is hard with this heat.

   We leave the hotel at the time seems to be the global check out limit time in this country: 10 AM, and take the Northern exit of the city to Mossman. .

Beach in our way to DaintreeBeach in our way to Daintree

  We skip the most of the lookout stops in our way as they’re on the other side of the road and will be easier if we stop on them tomorrow. The beaches we can see from the road are spectacular, but they’re empty. We assume this is because of the signs we can see every time we stop by: danger of salt crocodiles living in this area. What a pity!

Crocodile warning on beaches

  Once in Mossman we stop in a gas station to fill up and get a couple of meat pies to kill the hunger.

   When we reach the Daintree ferry, which is the only way of crossing the river with the same name, we pay 25$ for the return ticket. Once across the river we stop in the first lookout. It is amazing and we can leave the convoy generated after the ferry.

Daintree River
Daintree ferryCape Tribulation Road

   The road has changed after the ferry, it is more narrow and winding, and lush vegetation is all around. The rainforest here is beautiful, with different kind of ferns, and the views form this place, Mount Alexandra lookout, are a good example of the Daintree’s motto: “where the forest meets the sea”.

Mount Alexandra lookout or Walu WugirrigaMount Alexandra lookout or Walu Wugirriga

   We arrive at our hotel in Cape Tribulation a few minutes past 1 PM and leave our things in the fantastic bungalow of Rainforest Hideaway. We’ll spend to this place the time it deserves tomorrow as now we must leave to explore this area.

Our bungalow at Rainforest HideawayOur room at Rainforest Hideaway

   We’re bringing a map and some recommendations from the hotel, so we drive directly to the most popular walk here: Marrdja.

Marrdja WalkMarrdja Walk

   This is a wonderful environment and, as we advance on this walk, the rainforest, with ancient trees full of vines and climbers, is turning into a mangrove when reaching the water. This walk is all on a wood platform in the way that visitors are not setting a foot on ground.
Marrdja WalkOrange-footed scrubfowl in Marrdja Walk
   But if this amazing landscape is not enough we still have the chance of meeting a cassowary – the star of this park – with three chicks in our walk. We watch their funny ways until they disappear by the deepness of this mangrove. Amazing experience we’ve got in this walk.
Cassowary with three chicks in DaintreeCassowary with three chicks in Daintree
   We stop by other spots in our way, as Thornton Beach, and come back to the hotel area to go to the recommended restaurant. But 4 PM is not a time for lunching at all here and kitchen is closed until 6 PM.

Cape Tribulation Road
Thornton BeachThornton Beach

   We spend the time we have by visiting Kulki Beach, with its warning about stingers and crocodiles, like all the others, and do the Dubuji Walk.

Kulki BeachKulki Beach

Dubuji WalkAustralian brushturkey in Dubuji Walk

   At 6 PM we’re back in the restaurant waiting for the two Linguini we’ve ordered. A brownie with ice cream as dessert completes our dinner. We pay 48$ for it.

   In our room, which is more like a hut, we’re alone with the sounds of the jungle at night.