Day 16 (September 25, 2015)   Darwin


   Our two hours and a half flight to Darwin leaves Cairns at 10:50 AM and is scheduled to reach its destination around 1 PM.

   Once with hotel in Darwin, we will walk by the city and will relax, probably at the swimming pool.

Darwin map


   This morning we’re leaving the cheapest hotel of this travel, the one we’ve got for free from the Air New Zealand points. We haven’t talked about it: good facilities and basic rooms which main problem is you can hear everything. The shopping area in Cairns is by the Marina and this hotel is far from it, although there are some restaurants and a supermarket around.

Bohemia Resort entranceSwimming pool area at Bohemia Resort

   Our shuttle, which we hired yesterday, is taking us to the airport by 20$ at 9 AM. This time has allowed us to take our breakfast before leaving the hotel. Somehow, when checking in we’re told our flight has been delayed to 3 PM. We can check our baggage already and we’re given two 8$ vouchers to use in the airport.

   This delay means for us we’re going to spend the day in this small hall where there are the few boarding gates in this airport.

Cairns airport
Cairns airport

   It means too we won’t be able to explore Darwin as planned because we’re going to arrive around 6 PM. When we reach our hotel, the DoubleTree, it’s getting dark.

JetStar flight  to DarwinOur room at DoubleTree

  We’ve paid 24$ for the taxi to hotel and we leave soon to look for some shopping, but a part of the bars and the lot of restaurants, everything is closed.

Street in DarwinStreet in Darwin

   We chose a place named Nando’s for our dinner: half chicken and humus by 26$. This is very good after the high rates we could see in the other restaurants. We go to bed soon as tomorrow we’re going to be picked up very early.

Street in Darwin