- Route plan

   When we came back from Australia we knew we would be near it as our travel to Indonesia was going to happen soon. It’s a country with lots of things we love: wonderful nature landscapes and ancient temples in the jungle but, besides, as animal lovers we are, we’ll have the chance of enjoying the fantastic fauna there.

   As usual, the first choice to do was when going there. Generically speaking, rain season is from November to March, but it can be larger for some islands, and even be the opposite in Sumatra. As we’re not going to Sumatra, we pointed to October, as it is the end of dry season, but still on it, and we get that boundary we use to seek with good weather and low season, so best prices and less crowded.

   If someone starts an investigation for this country will soon learn there are tons of things to see and do. Only Bali needs several days for itself. A part of Bali, we have in our must-do list the temples in Yogjakarta, Komodo National Park and orangutans in Borneo. Only with this, we’ve got an itinerary with small room for something else.
Domestic flights and itinerary in Indonesia
   Flights from Europe take us to Jakarta and are expensive, so we look for options by using a city in another country to use for being able to use different cities for entry and exit Indonesia. We can help our itinerary this way. As we did for Australia. Then we used Singapore, and we look at it for this time too but, finally, Kuala Lumpur resulted to be more convenient. When we were purchasing the flights, rates difference made flying to home from Jakarta a better option, saving time and money this way.

   Our final itinerary starts spending a week in Bali, with a trip to Komodo in the middle of it. Then we spend just the days we need for the temples in Yogyakarta and the orangutan tour in Tajung Putting, in Borneo, and come back from Jakarta.

   El plan de ruta general (número de día y donde hacemos noche), cerrado definitivamente, ha quedado así, comenzando por el 18/10/2018:

1: Flight
2: Kuala Lumpur
3, 4, 5 and 6: Ubud (Bali)
7, 8 and 9: Labuan Bajo
10: Bali
11 and 12: Yogyakarta
12: Pangkalangbun
13: Tajung Pating
14: Pangkalangbun
15: Flight

   Total budget for this travel has been around 2800€ for the two of us. 70% of it has gone to the flights, which has an explanation on the cheap the country is but how far it is and its distribution in different islands.

- Flights

   We kept an eye on round flights to Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in order to detect our best chance to purchase it. Airlines giving good offers for these cities were top ones: Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways.

   Rates for flights to Jakarta were never under 700€, while for Kuala Lumpur were available by around 500€. Malasian capital city is the hub for what is considered as the best low-cost airline in the world: Airasia, so it started to stand up as best option.

   When we were going to buy the flights to Kuala Lumpur the best offer was coming from Qatar Airways, then we check rates for “Multiple destinations” option for using Jakarta as exit city and it was just a few over 600€. Those 100€ more were compensated by long with the flight back to Kuala Lumpur which, besides, needed of a hotel night in a city to be used as link, as there are no direct flights from the city in Borneo we’re going to be at the end of the travel. These cities for the link are Semarang or Jakarta so, at the end, by using Jakarta as exit city we’re saving one day, a flight to Malaysia and two hotel nights in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.

   We finally purchase these Qatar Airways flights by 640€ per person.

Return flights to Indonesia

   Immediately after this, we purchased the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Denpasar (Bali) with Airasia by 56€ per person, with baggage and meals.

   For domestic flights linking islands we had more time. We needed one from Bali to Yogjakarta, the one to go to Pangkalan Bun, in Borneo, and the one leaving that island. And then, we needed the return flight to Labuan Bajo from Bali for the trip to Komodo.

   As some Indonesian airlines give problems for paying online with foreigner cards, we performed our searches, our choices and paid all flights using tiket.com Indonesian website. It’s from there were we purchased all domestic flights listed below.

   Our only problem was for going from Yogyakarta to Pangkalan Bun, as there is no direct flight and the most used option is to take a van from Yogja to Semarang. We preferred to take two flights, with link in Surabaya rather than being several hours in a crowded van on the road.

  Finally, then, return fligths with Qatar Airways are like this, by 1280€:

10/18/2018   BCN  08:50   DOH   16:10
10/18/2018   DOH  19:40   KUL   08:30 (+1)
11/02/2018   CGK  18:20   DOH   23:30
11/03/2018   DOH  01:45   BCN   06:45

   The flight to Bali with AirAsia by 112€ (56€ p.p.):

10/20/2018   KUL  09:10    DPS  12:00

   And the list for domestic flights is like this:

   Bali to Labuan Bajo with Wings Air and back to Bali with Nam Air by 260€ (130€ p.p.):

10/24/2018   DPS   12:50    LBJ 14:10
10/27/2018   LBJ    11:35    DPS 12:45

   Bali to Yogyakarta cwith Wings Air by 98€ (49€ p.p.):

10/28/2018   DPS   10:25    JOG 10:40

   Yogyakarta to Surabaya with Wings Air by 62€ (31€ p.p.):

10/30/2018   JOG   09:00    SUB 10:10

   Surabaya to Pangkalan Bun with Nam Air by 102€ (51€ p.p.):

30/10/2018   SUB   13:30    PKN 14:45

   Pangkalan Bun a Jakarta con Trigana Air por 75€ (37.5€ p.p.):

11/02/2018   PKN   07:35    CGK 08:45

   With this, the total cost for flights, which is by long the biggest cost on this travel, is around 1860€.

- Hotels

   As usual, we've used booking.com to choose our accommodation for every city. As it seems rates is not a problem for this destination, we’ve been looking for the best option in the location we wanted for every place.

   In Kuala Lumpur we looked for hotels around Petronas Towers. We’re usually arriving quite restless after these long flights, so we look for something comfortable for getting all the sleep we need, and yet not missing the main highlight on this city as it is just across the street. We could find this for the Apple Boutique Hotel, where we book one night by 324.90 MYR (about 68€).

   In Ubud, the city in the center of Bali that we’re going to be based for our exploration of the island, we’ve chosen The Umari, a hotel looking excellent from the pictures and reviews where we’re going to spend four nights for less than 30€ per night.

   We’re finally going to spend three nights in Labuan Bajo as we plan to get the tours to Komodo once there. Our idea is having a tour to Komodo island and another one to Rinca island, but we may have the chance of taking a two days tour if the offer is good enough. In any case, we pay nearly 100€ for three nights in Wae Molas Hotel.

   We’ll come back to Bali for a single night and here we want to try one of the luxury place one can get on this island: a villa with private swimming pool. We find some by around 20€, but reviews point to old buildings and lack of maintenance. We fall in love to Villa Puspa, close to Tanah Lot, where we can get one of these fantastic villas by around 40€. Somehow, when going to book it, there was only one available by 66€. But it is the biggest one, with 200 m2 of luxury. We plan to spend the entire day in there with the only exception of a visit to Tanah Lot if we couldn’t visit it earlier.

   For Yogyakarta we choose Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel, another hotel looking very good, by around 68€ for the two nights there.

   Very few options were left in Pangkalan Bun when we were going to book, so we quickly get two separate nights, the one before and the one after the Orangutan tour, in Arsela Hotel. It’s about 25€ by night.

   This makes a total expense in hotels of around 470€. The average cost by night is amazing for the quality of the places: 36€.

-Rental car

   We’ll hire a car with driver for our days exploring Bali, which seems to be the best option there. We’ll do it once in Ubud.

-Other expenses

   We have some tours to hire, but we’ll deal for the ones to Komodo once we get Labuan Bajo.

   Somehow, we’ve hired the tour to see orangutans in Tajung Putting National Park in advance with Varada Borneo Tours We’ve chosen the one night and two days tour with speedboat because it allows us to do the same visits than the three days one in just two days and we’ll sleep in a lodge in the jungle instead of sleeping in a boat. We’ve paid 230€ per person, 460€ in total.

   Detailed plan, then, is like this:

Day Night Morning Afternoon
18 Flight Flight Flight
19 Kuala Lumbur Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur
20 Ubud Flight Ubud
21 Ubud Bali Bali
22 Ubud Bali Bali
23 Ubud Bali Bali
24 Labuan Bajo Vuelo Labuan Bajo
25 Labuan Bajo Komodo Komodo
26 Labuan Bajo Rinca Rinca
27 Bali Flight Tanah Lot
28 Yogyakarta Flight Yogyakarta
29 Yogyakarta Yogyakarta Yogyakarta
30 Pangkalan Bun Flight Pangkalan Bun
31 Tajung Puting Tajung Puting Tajung Puting
1 Pangkalan Bun Flight Tajung Puting
2 Flight Flight Jakarta