Day 12 (October 30, 2018) Pangkalan Bun

Before  Route to Pangkalan Bun

   The only purpose for this day is to reach Borneo Island in order to be ready for the tour tomorrow.

   From yogyakarta, where it's scheduled we'll leave at 9 AM, we'll need two separate flights for Pangkalan bun. The link is in Surabaya, where we'll hae about three hours checking in to the other flight.

   If everything goes as expected, we'll reach our destination by 2:45 PM.


   We’re the first ones at hotel’s restaurant waiting for they open for breakfast at 6 AM, as we just have one hour until our taxi for the airport comes. We enjoy again this buffet breakfast at Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel and leave to the Yogyakarta’s airport. We arrive with plenty of time.

   After checking in we can access to the big waiting hall for all boarding gates, which are around six of them in line in the same side of the room with glass walls, so we can see the planes outside. The other three walls are full of shops, which we explore.
Yogyakarta's airport
   Soon, our flight appears as one hour delayed on screen. We were expecting it as it was no movement at all in the gate for the scheduled boarding time. As we had three hours to change airline in Surabaya we still were thinking we could manage it but, when the screen shows one more hour of delay, then we think we can’t.

Our delayed flight with Wings Air   We talk to Wings Air staff when they appear for giving us complimentary food and water because of the delay. As the link we have is with a different airline we knew the help they can provide to us is limited, but the take note of the codes for our baggage and tell us our bags will be waiting for us when we leave the plane in Surabaya to avoid waiting in the carousel, so we can go directly to NAM Air checking desk as soon as possible. Even with that I don’t think we’re going to manage it, then I make a search online for available flights from Surabaya to Pangkalan Bun today and find that next one is from Wings Air, so I come back to the staff mentioning that but they answer me I must go to the airline desk at Surabaya airport to buy tickets for that flight.

   With this, all we’ll need to do will be once in Surabaya. Finally, our flights scheduled for 9 AM leaves nearly at 12 PM and we have more than one hour to Surabaya, where we should check-in and board to a NAM Air flight scheduled for 1:30 PM.
Yogyakarta desde el aireLeaving Java Island
   We land a bit before 1 PM and the only chance I can see to be able to check in to our next flight is it is delayed too. When we leave the plane cannot see our bags out there, so we get into the building, but they’re not there either. When I explain our problem to the first person I meet from airport’s staff, he takes me to NAM air desk which, surprisingly, is still checking in for our flight. They give us boarding passes and ask us to bring the bags as soon as possible, so I run back to my wife, which tells me our bags are not there and there is no one from Wings Air staff. We can only wait for them to appear in the carousel. When we finally bring our bags it’s the time planned for the plane to take off, but they’ve waited for us and I’m shocked they can still check-in our bags. We run to boarding gate and boarding is not starting until we get there. It’s amazing how NAM Air has work out the way we can get our flight when our problem had nothing to do with them. When I’m seated at the plane I can’t believe we’re here.
Vista de Borneo desde el aireBird view of Pangkalan Bun
   It’s just one hour and fifteen minutes to Pangkalan Bun, in Borneo island. We arrive at 2:45 PM as scheduled and, after taking our baggage in the only carousel in this tiny airport, I see the taxi office by the exit and pay 90,000 rupees for the ride to our hotel.
Pangkalan Bun's airportPangkalan Bun's airport
   What we see in Pangkalan Bun is not looking like for walking around from our hotel as this is a road with shops here and thee along it instead that streets. After getting our room in Arsela Hotel, we go to the restaurant for a proper lunch and dinner, as it’s 4:30 PM now and we only got that poor portion of chicken from Wings Air since our early breakfast. We pay 179,000 rupees for a cheese omelet, fried noodles with seafood and a spectacular steamboat.
Pangkalan Bun's airport roundabout
   At evening, when it is already dark out there, I go out for a walk following the road looking for mosquito repellent, as they took it from us in the airport. We’ll receive a visit from Wati, from Varada Tours, to talk about our two days tour starting tomorrow morning.