Day 14 (November 1, 2018) Tajung Puting


   Second and last day of our two days one night tour through Tajung Puting National Park with Varada Borneo tours.

   Based on the itinerary they've posted in their website, this second day we'll be taken to a local village and, from there, to the camp we still have to visit: Tajung Harapa. After looking for Proboscis monkeys we'll be deliveres to our hotel in Pangkalan Bun.

Map of Tanjung Puting

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Pangkalan Bun
 1- Kumai (quay)
 2- Rumba Eco Lodge
 3- Tanjung Harapan
 4- Pondok Tanggui
 5- Camp Leakey


   We'll see...