Day 11 (October 29, 2018) Yogyakarta


   This is an entire day for our visits in Yogyakarta. If we managed to go to Borobudur the previous day, the highlight for this day would be Prambanan temple. Then, we just would spend the rest of the day in the city center.

Map of Yogyakarta area

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel
 1- Water Palace
 2- Sumur Gumuling
 3- Borobudur
 4- Prambanan
 5- Yogyakarta Airport


   We start this day early by leaving the hotel at 8:15 AM after taking our breakfast in the splendid buffet here. We walk to the bus stop and reach it just about to get into bus 2B to Jombor. We pay 3500 rupees each for it. Jombor is the last stop, in a bus station where, when we’re detected as tourist, we get four people heading us to the bus to Borobudur. No way of missing it.

Bus stop in YogyakartaYogyakarta city busLeaving Yogyakarta
   We pay 25000 rupees each for the long ride in an old and dirty bus. Nothing to do with the modern buses in the city. When we reach our destination it’s two hours since we left the hotel. A kind man, who has already told us he is living 1 km from the temple, walks with us until the entrance of the complex.
Bus from Jombor to BorobudurMap of Borobudur complex
  Once here, in the middle of the big parking areas and with the “village” of shops in front of us, it takes us some time to find the ticket box and the actual entrance. We pay 600,000 rupees each for the combined ticket for Borobudur and Prambanan. We’ll visit both temples today.
Ticket box and entrance to Borobudur 
   The complex is far more than just the temple and, when we finally can put eyes to it from the distance, we cannot believe couldn’t see it before as it’s big like a hill..
Arrival at Borobudur TempleArrival at Borobudur Temple
   It’s pretty crowded but the temple is so big that you can always find corners to be alone. It’s like a step pyramid and you can lose yourself in the path in every floor surrounding the temple. When higher, the shorter this path is.

Borobudur TempleBorobudur TempleBorobudur Temple
  This pyramid structure obviously ends at the top, the most crowded part of it. It is too the most beautiful one, with stupas everywhere and amazing vies to the rainforest.

View from the top of Borobudur TempleTop of Borobudur TempleTop of Borobudur Temple 
   The exit is the most complex part here as, it’s not only there is a long walk to it, the actual exit is an endless path through stands selling the same things. May be is because of this that the way they to stand up from the rest is by putting pressure and persistence on tourists. Every turn heads to another identical pass way. When we finally reach the exit of the fenced area and think we’re free, we still must go through that “village” of shops I mentioned at the beginning. I cannot see a way all these shops can live from the tourists as there are no that much for this amount. When we reach the parking area I ask for a taxi in a Grab place where there are some people. They offer 250,000 rupees for the ride to Prambanan Temple. I take it with no bargain as I was expecting quite more for it knowing is a long ride.

Elephants in BorobudurTrain in BorobudurShops in Borobudur
   One hour and a half later we’re delivered at the entrance of Prambanan Temple so, as it’s 1:30 PM, we go directly to the restaurant. The only restaurant in the complex is a quite basic buffet with a fixed price of 60,000 rupees. We lunch here and take advantage of the free wifi.

Entrance to PrambananPrambanan Temple 
   It’s time to visit the temple, where we can find just a few places with shadow to rest from this burning sun. Main temple is bigger than I thought from the pictures and we explore it until decide to finish this visit and go to the exit.

Prambanan's detailPrambanan TemplePrambanan Temple
  The exit is in the back side and, again, makes us to walk all around, passing by the restaurant and the zoo they’ve got here, to reach the place we arrived at here.

Prambanan TemplePrambanan TemplePrambanan Temple
   We ask to a police officer about the stop for bus 1A and he sends us to the next traffic lights on this same road. It turns next lights are like one kilometer far. We pay 3500 rupees each when getting into the bus and leaves it, nearly one hour later, in Malioboro Street, the street for shopping in Yogya.

Street in YogyakartaMalioboro Street in YogyakartaMalioboro Street in Yogyakarta
   We stop for some fruit smoothies and walk until it’s dark and take the deal from a becak driver to drive us to our hotel by 40,000 rupees, the same we paid yesterday. This time the bike has an engine, though.

Yogyakarta's Post Office