Day 7 (October 25, 2018) Komodo Tour


   We’re going to spend two entire days for the visit to Komodo National Park and the near highlights. We plan to hire the tours once there the previous day and the idea is having one day for Komodo area and other day for Rinca area.

Highlights for Komodo tours

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Wae Molas Hotel in Lebuan Bajo
 1- Rinca Island
 2- Padar Island
 3- Komodo National Park
 4- Pink Beach
 5- Manta point
 6- Kalong Island(flying foxes)


   We’re picked up at 5:45 AM, when we didn’t expect to be at daylight. We’re the last ones to join the van as we’re the closest ones to the quay. We’re going to be a group of 12 in a boat with room for 40 people. We must thank this to the low season.
Our boat for Komodo tourSailing to Komodo
   While sailing to our first destination they explain the rules for the boat and the agenda for today. They take 300,000 rupees per person as admission fee for Komodo National Park. In less than one hour we’re in Padar Island. We’ve got one hour and a half for the visit which, basically, should be used to climb to the top for the best views in the area..
Padar IslandPadar Island
  At the beginning, there is a staircase with regular steps, but this is changing as you’re getting further up and, in the final part there is no stairs and you must make your way by the rocks. I’m the first one at the top, so I can make pictures of the breathtaking views alone.

Beach at Padar IslandPadar IslandView from the top of Padar Island 
   Once back down, we spend the rest of the time in the beautiful beach. When our boat is available, we come back to it for our next stop: Pink Beach.
Pink BeachPink Beach
   The sand of this beach is pink because of the small pieces of red coral in the white sand. A part of the beautiful beach, there are lots of sea turtles in the water and we can swim with them. This is an amazing experience.

Buceando en Pink Beach

   Next visit is to Komodo Island. We’re assigned three rangers which will guide and protect us with the use of a stick ending by Y shape. We quickly can see the first dragons, as they’re resting on the shadow of the buildings. As they’re usually still and quiet it’s easy not having any fear for them, but when one gets up and move rangers are all on guard.

Komodo National ParkKomodo National ParkKomodo National Park
   We follow the rangers through the peculiar vegetation of this island until we find two dragons in the only place with water in kilometers. When we’re back I can barely believe it’s been a one hour and a half trekking as I’ve felt it so quick.

Komodo National ParkKomodo National ParkKomodo National Park 
   Back in the boat, we get a big plastic box with our lunch in five sections. The two bigger ones have chicken and white rice. We reach our next stop before we could finish with our meal: Taka Makassar. It’s a small island of pink sand in the middle of the sea, like a 360 beach.

Taka MakassarTaka MakassarTaka Makassar
   The next stop is very close, in the middle of the ocean: Manta point. As the name suggests this is a place where manta rays use to pass. In the first try I don’t manage to see it, but for the second attempt I jump to the sea at the same moment they spot one and I can see one of these huge fishes just below me. There is no way of following them as they’re very fast, so it’s a short experience.
Our boatMantaray at Manta Point
   The last visit is out of the National Park and close to Labuan Bajo: Kanawa Island. A sort of tropical island, with hammocks and bar. Water is warm and clear, like in all the places we’ve been today.
Kanawa IslandKanawa Island
   Once in Labuan Bajo, most of the group have a dinner together at 7 PM. We get some fun as an end for so fantastic day.