Day 9 (October 27, 2018) Tanah Lot


Villa Puspa

   Our flight at 11:35 AM should allow us to be in Bali by 12:45 PM.

   This is a day for relax and enjoying the villa with private pool we've got, but we'll be at walking distance to Tanah Lot temple, so we can be sure we can visit it is still missing.


   We take our breakfast around 8 AM as we’re checking out at 9:30 AM. We’re taken to the airport for free in only 5 minutes. Once in the small airport, we check in at NAM air desk and go through security control. In the shops in front of the boarding gates we find souvenirs quite cheaper than we found them around these days in our tours. So, we were right when no accepting any of the offers we got.
Breakfast in Wae MolasOur flight with NAM Air
   We board by walking to the plane and fly with no issues. At Bali airport, we pay 380,000 rupees in Blue Bird desk for the taxi to our villa, which takes more than one hour to reach it.
Roundabout in DenpasarMotorbikes in Bali
   In the villa, we’re welcomed with drinks and get the villa just after ordering our lunch: two cordon blue, which will be brought to us. The villa is amazing, with two bedrooms and a big swimming pool, deeper than I thought. There is even a kitchen. Before we’re ready for it, the lunch is delivered to the table by the pool. We pay 150,000 rupees for it.
Bedrooms in our villaKitchen area in our villa
   After lunch I make my three kilometers walk to Tanh Lot temple. It’s a flat way through rice fields.

Rice field in BaliRice field in BaliTemple decorated for Diwali 
   Once here, the first thing I see is the big parking area. I can see the first gift shops there, after this they’re everywhere. I follow the way by the coast and first I can see Batu Bolong, a small temple over a stone arch on the beach.

Batu Bolong TempleTanah Lot Temple
   Then, by the path, which is getting crowded as I go, I get my first view of Tanah Lot temple. I go down to the beach and walk around the popular temple trying hard to get pictures with as less people as possible. Tide is low, and I can explore every corner here. I’m really surprised by the free admission.

Gate to Tanah Lot TempleTanah Lot TempleTanah Lot TempleTanah Lot Temple
   In my way back to the rice fields I buy a durian, which was looking after tasting it since we saw lots of them for sale in our first touring day in Bali and driver told us is durian season now. This fruit is infamous by its disgusting smell, like to rotten fruit, which makes it forbidden in public transport and hotel around South-East Asia. With this, although I would like to take a taxi back to the villa, I end walking back through the rice fields, as a shortcut, for the sake of the durian.
West Coast of Bali
   Once back to the villa I open the durian and finally discover the taste of the pulp around its big cores, with sweet and bitter nuances on it. Then I go to the bar to get rid of the rests as soon as possible to avoid the smell to accumulate in our place and I’m ready to enjoy the facilities in our villa, starting by the swimming pool.
Villa Puspa and environmentOpened durian
   We’ll go out one more time, just to order some dinner: fried noodles and rice: 57000 rupees. Then we’re resting very relaxed.