Day 10 (October 28, 2018) Yogyakarta


   Our short flight from Bali should arrive at Yogyakarta by 10:40 AM. Our plan for today would be to go to the furthest and main visit here: Borobudur Temple, so we can leave the rest for the entire day tomorrow.

Map of Yogyakarta area

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel
 1- Water Palace
 2- Sumur Gumuling
 3- Borobudur
 4- Prambanan
 5- Yogyakarta Airport


   A driver is waiting for us to leave the villa at 7 AM and in around one hour we’re delivered to Bali’s airport. We have plenty of time to spend in the shops.
Domestic terminal at Bali's airportDomestic terminal at Bali's airport
   Our flight leaves at its scheduled time and, once in Yogyakarta airport we do right by ignoring the offers for taxi in the baggage carousel and order it in the desk, just after the carousel room, for the fixed rates: 80,000 rupees to our hotel.
Bird view of BaliBird view of Yogyakarta
   It’s about 12:30 PM when we’re going to the restaurant of the hotel as our room is not ready yet. We pay 210,000 rupees for a starter with vegetables for share and a spicy soup and Indonesian beef for me and grilled chicken breast and rice for Eva. After that, our room is ready.
Our room at Hotel Gallery PrawirotamanHotel Gallery Prawirotaman's facilities
   We’re tired so, once in our room, we end by taking a nap when trying to rest. When we wake up is past 3 PM, so it’s too late for a visit to any of the two big temples out of the city, which close at 5 PM. So, the only available option is walking to the old city of Yogya, the short name for Yogyakarta and how the locals call it, where we find Water Palace and Sumur Gumuling closed. It seems they close at 3 PM.

Taman Sari StreetWater Castle's East gateWater Castle's West gate
   So basically, we’ve lost this day. We take a becak, one of these “taxis” that are constantly being offered in this area, which are a sort of a bike for passengers, to go back to the hotel: 40,000 rupees. We enjoy the swimming pool here and get an early sleep, so we can be ready for a long day tomorrow.

Becak, a typical transport in YogyakartaAlun Alun Kidul Park