Day 1 (October 19, 2018) Kuala Lumpur


 Arrival at Kuala Lumpur is scheduled for 8:30 AM, after being almost the entire previous day flying.

Map of Kuala Lumpur

   We’ll have an entire day to explore the city but, as we cannot know now how tired we’ll get there, the needed rest would take the most of this time. With this in mind, we’ve assured, at leat, our visit to Petronas Towers by having the hotel very close to them.

   The spots marked at map, which are the ones we would like to cover, are:

 0- Apple Boutique Hotel
 1- Petronas Towers
 2- Central Msrket
 3- Merdeka Square
 4- Bird Park


   No issues in our flight, so we reach Kuala Lumpur at scheduled time. We managed even to get some sleep. Immigration tasks are quick but Skybus, for which we’re bringing tickets, leaves from Terminal 2 (KLIA2) and we’re in terminal 1. So, we take the shuttle by 2 RM each and, once in KLIA2, we get into Skybus. Rate for ringgits is 5 RM = 1 €.

   Skybus leaves us in KL Sentral, the main bus and train station in Kuala Lumpur. We take a taxi there, where you must pay the fixed prices at desk. It’s 18 RM for our ride to our hotel. It’s 11:30 AM when we’re finally resting in the bed of our room.
Views from our room in Apple Boutique hotelOur room in Apple Boutique Hotel 
   Around 2 PM we go downstairs to the Japanese restaurant in the same building for our lunch. We order oden, assorted sushi, salad and duck. Everything was delicious. We pay 175 RM for it. After lunching is finally time for our sightseeing. First thing to do is going across the road for a walk in KLCC Park, with great views of Petronas Towers.
Petronas Towers from KLCC ParkKLCC Park
   As we’ve already got tickets for our visit to Petronas Towers tonight at 8 PM, we get some pictures of them at daylight. Steel gives a special bright to these buildings. After this, we take the metro by 1.90 RM each just for three stations to Salmen Jasmed. As we’ve left hotel this late, we’ve removed the Bird Park from our list.
   We pass by the mosque, for which we’re getting the best views from the metro station, and go across the river to Merdeka Square.
Kuala Lumpur's metro stationMosque Salmen Jasmed
   Sultan Abdul Samad building is a beautiful building and the main highlight in this square. This square is just a pitch of grass where one of the tallest flagpoles in the world is.
Merdeka SquareMerdeka Square   Our final destination is the Central Market, a place full of live, where we take some fruit shakes.

Central Market in Kuala LumpurCentral Market in Kuala LumpurCentral Market in Kuala LumpurCentral Market in Kuala Lumpur
   We go to the near Hindu temple Sri Mahamariamman, where just after we get in there they start a ritual with music.
Sri Mahamariamman templeSri Mahamariamman temple
   In our way back to the market we find a sort of Chinatown with lots of stands. When the time comes we take the metro back to Petronas Towers.
Chinatown in Kuala LumpurChinatown in Kuala Lumpur
   At 7:45 PM we get the pass cards as visitors of the towers and start a brief explanation.
Petronas TowersViews from Petronas Towers' bridge
   There are two stops in this visit: around 15 minutes in the bridge connecting the two towers, where we enjoy beautiful night views of the city, and the lookout in 86th floor, in the top of the towers, where everything looks far, except for the other tower. We’re left 20 minutes here.

Petronas Towers' bridgeViews from Petronas TowersViews from Petronas Towers' 86th floorViews from Petronas Towers' 86th floor
   After this visit, we stop by a street food stand and get some balls in a stick by 1.80 RM each. They taste like crab or octopus and are delicious.
Shopping Mall underneath Petronas TowersFountains in KLCC Park
   At 10 PM we’re at bed ready for our early leaving tomorrow.