Day 8 (October 26, 2018) Rinca Tour


   We’re going to spend two entire days for the visit to Komodo National Park and the near highlights. The idea is having one day for Komodo area and other day for Rinca area.

Highlights for Komodo tours

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Wae Molas Hotel in Lebuan Bajo
 1- Rinca Island
 2- Padar Island
 3- Komodo National Park
 4- Pink Beach
 5- Manta point
 6- Kalong Island(flying foxes)


   We’ve booked the Sunset Cruise with Alba Cruise for today so, until 11:40 AM that we’re going to be picked up, our only task is to relax. At the scheduled time we’re ready and we’re taken to a hotel where we pay 1100000 rupees per person and get on board of their catamaran. In their advertisements they say this tour is done every day as long as there are at least two persons for it and we can say this is true as it resulted we’re the only ones for it today. So, it’s turned to be a private tour.
Sailing to Rinca
   The visits today are all near. The first stop is in Kelor island, where we find a beautiful beach and a peak to climb for amazing views. When we’re back down I’m sweeting a lot and join this clear water for a refresh.

Kelor IslandViews from the top of Kelor IslandViews from the top of Kelor Island 
   Next stop is in Majerite, an island with green areas on it. But we’re not here for the island but for the reef in its coast. The underwater views remind me to the Great Barrier Reef.

Majerite's coral reefMajerite's coral reefMajerite's coral reef
   Suddenly it starts to rain so strong that I can feel how the drops are biting my back. These rains here are intense, but short. When we’re leaving this place, the sun is strong again.
Raining in Majerite IslandAlba Cruise's boat
   The next place in our tour is Rinca Island. This visit was though as an alternative in case we couldn’t see dragons in Komodo but, as yesterday was that good, we’re just repeating experience.
Entrnce to RincaEntrance to Rinca
   We can see four dragons on the shadow of the buildings. There is one young dragon wandering around and it is the only dragon that is moving.

Komodo dragons in RincaRinca IslandKomodo dragon in Rinca
  The trekking following our ranger guide takes us to a place called “Dragon’s nest” and there is indeed one nest: a female dragon is guarding a hole in the ground where the eggs are. It looks to us like dragons in Rinca are smaller than in Komodo.

Dragon's nest in Rincatrekking in RincaDragon's nest in Rinca
  Once back we say good bye to our ranger and get some drinks in the bar. Rinca’s landscapes are like in mangrove so I presume all this dry area must get flooded sometimes. I ask to our guide about it and he confirms I’m right.
Komodo dragon in RincaMonkey in Rinca
   There is only one more stop to do today and it is at a specific time. At sunset, hundreds of flying foxes leave Kalong island, which is basically a mangrove in the middle of the sea, to Flores island for fruit and come back by sunrise. It is still too early, so we need to make some time.
Waiting for the sunset
   We stop in a lonely beach near Kalong island while waiting and when the time is coming we go close to the mangrove, where other boats are taking its place too. We enjoy the sunset and, when the darkness is almost complete, these sorts of huge bats start to move in the island.
Kalong Island
  This amazing show is performed in silence, which is shocking due to the amount of flying foxes covering the sky and the flow of animals leaving the island is not stopping.

Flying foxes

   All boats are in the same side of the island, looking to the West, where the last lights from the sun allow to make pictures of this wonder.
Sunset in Kalong
   When we leave flying foxes are still leaving the island. It’s about 7 PM when we’re delivered back to the hotel where we get gnocchi and spaghetti for diner, with olive pate for share by 227,000 rupees.