Day 2 (October 20, 2018) Ubud


  Arrival at Bali island is scheduled for noon. Once in Ubud we could spend the afternoon for start exploring the city. The main target for this day, though, is getting driver for the next days.

Flight Kuala Lumpur - Denpasar


   We leave Kuala Lumpur quickly: checkout at 6 AM, where we get a breakfast box, and taxi to KL Sentral, where we take the modern KLIA Ekspres. This makes us in the airport a few minutes past 7 AM. Our flight with Airasia is 2.5 hours, so we reach Bali before 12 PM.
KL EkspresArrival at Bali
   We get the usual queues for immigration, but they’re quick enough. We go through customs and leave skipping taxi offers all around until the taxi ticket box with fixed rates. It’s 400000 rupees for Ubud. We’re send to a big new car and leave the airport.
Roundabout in Denpasar
   We reach Ubud after 1.5 hours but, traffic in Ubud is so slow, that it takes another 1.5 hours to get to the hotel. With this, we’ve been more time in the taxi than in the plane today.
Our room in Hotel The UmariHotel The Umari
   It’s almost 4 PM when we are checking in in The Umari Hotel, which looks fantastic. As we’re tired with this long trip we rest for a while. When we leave is 6 PM and already dark. We take the offer from one taxi driver for taking us to a beautiful restaurant, which results to be out of the city. We order a main course of duck for me and another of fish for Eva, with rice, vegetables and different things in small bowls. It’s very good and we pay 355000 rupees in total. Our driver, with who we’ve already agreed a route for the day after tomorrow, have waited for us to take us back to the hotel. We pay 150000 rupees to him. Our calculation for rupees conversion is 100,000 rupees = 6 €.

Roundabout in UbudOur dinner