Day 15 (November 2, 2018) Jakarta


   In our last day in Indonesia we take an early flight to Jakarta, so we should be in the capital city by 8:45 AM. As our flight back to home is at 6:30 PM, we plan to leave our baggage in a storage in the airport and spend the morning in the city, mainly in National Monument Monas area, where the mosque and cathedral are too. If we have some more time, we could take a look at colonial area in Kota Rua.

   In any case, we should take our way back to the airport after lunching for the mentioned flight to home.

Mapa of Jakarta

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Jakarta International Airport
 1- Monas, Mosque Istiqlal y Cathedral
 2- Kota Tua


   The problem we’ve got for this morning is our flight is at 7:35 AM while breakfast in hotel starts at 6 AM, so it’s pretty tight. Yesterday, we asked taxi for 6:15 AM today and, when we’re in the restaurant at 6 AM o’clock, taxi driver is already waiting for us. We do it as fast as we can and we’re finally leaving hotel nearly 6:30 AM. As airport is very close and our experience on these small airports here is everything goes quick, we’re fine with the time we’ve got and, actually, everything goes smooth for our flight with Trigana Air.
Leaving Borneo IslandArrival at Jakarta

   Flight gets Jakarta as scheduled and it’s a bit over 9 AM when we’re ready for today’s plan with all our baggage in this huge and modern airport. So, first step is going to Terminal 2 to check our chance of checking in our bags for our flight this evening. In any case, we’ll need to look for the place to leave the rest of our baggage. We go up to the sky train linking terminals.
Skytrain at Jakarta's airportSkytrain at Jakarta's airport

   Once in T2 we’re confirmed that, indeed, it is too early as per checking in for our flight: it opens three hours before flight time, so we go to the ground floor where the baggage storage service is and leave all four bags there. We pay 35,000 rupees for each small bag and 45,000 for each medium (less than 20 Kg) bag, so we pay a total of 160,000 rupees.

    This terminal looks great, with lots of restaurants and shops but, as our idea is having our lunch in the city, we come back to the sky train to stop between terminal 1 and 2, where the train station is.
Skytrain at Jakarta's airport
   Railink is a modern train which links airport with different spots in the city. I’ve already checked our best destination, so I join the line for the tickets machine and pay 70,000 rupees for each ticket for BNI City train station. Next train is at 10:50 AM, so we take seats in the waiting room until they open access to platforms. Screens in waiting room are endlessly displaying goals scored by Messi. It seems Indonesians like football and I’ve been receiving proves about the knowledge they have about Barcelona team every time any of them knows I’m from that city.
Inside Railink
   This train is modern and clean too which makes a contrast when, 40 minutes later, we’re already going through the city and we can see how the other trains are. This train goes through a neighborhood of small flats piled one over the other which goes until the very edge of the railways in the way that we are so close to them that our train window feels like theirs.
Duri train station
   When we leave the train in BNI City station after one hour we take the stairs up until what looks like a modern building. We follow the people and see how the most of them goes to the exit or taxi stop. I thought it was a metro station here but it’s not so, as we would need a taxi anyway, we join the line there.
View from BNI City
   These taxis are from Bluebird company, the ones recommended in the guides. We ask driver for going to the mosque, which is the main attraction in the area we want to visit, with the Cathedral and the National Monument. As it’s nearly 12 PM, we won’t have time for other areas of the city, so we’ll have our lunch and come back to the airport. With that in mind, as we’ll need a taxi to the train station anyway, I ask to the driver how much a ride to airport would be and he answers around 300,000 rupees. I think we’ll go to the airport by taxi.
Jakarta's National Monument
   We can see from the taxi the big obelisk which is the National Monument soon but, just a bit later, we’re in the middle of a traffic chaos where we’re stuck. We can barely go ahead a few meters every when and then. Besides, in the street there is a strange atmosphere: people wearing white clothes are running at both sides of this avenue. We can see Islamic flag everywhere and a truck completely covered with this flag with people on it with a megaphone.
Bluebird taxi in Jakarta
   We ask to the driver what is happening here and he, who can barely understand English, gives us his cell phone with Google translator set for English – Indonesia so we can write our question there and then the following conversation happen:

 - What is happening?
 - It’s a demo
 - A demo of what?
 - Some flags have been burnt and today there is a demo of support for Islamic flag.

   So that’s what it is. It seems the center of this manifestation of Islamic fervor is – logically – the mosque Masjid Istiqal, the third bigger mosque in the world and the one we’re heading to. When we finally reach it’s looking really crowded with a sea of people all in white, inside and outside, which are also explaining the traffic jam has made us to spend 30 minutes for a one kilometer.
Mosque Masjid ItisqlalMosque Masjid Itisqlal
   We’ve already understood before we’ve chosen a bad day for this visit and we had already asked driver to go to the airport. With this, all our pictures of Jakarta are made from the taxi.
Gereja Cathedral in YakartaWest Irian Liberation Monument
  We leave that part of the city and get into the usual traffic, which is not easy, in our way through Jakarta. We keep taking pictures from the taxi about the live in this big city while we’re saying good bye to it and, in general, to Indonesia.
Image from JakartaImage from Jakarta
   Once in the motorway we need to pay 9,500 rupees in the toll and, when we’re delivered at terminal 2 we pay 242,000 rupees in total, which is pretty good considering what the driver told us about the cost of a trip to the airport and we’ve been nearly two hours in that taxi.
In our way to Jakarta's airportIn our way to Jakarta's airport
   As it is 2 PM we’re choosing a restaurant from the big offer of them here.Our boarding gate at Jakarta's airport Before, we make some shopping in a supermarket for things we want to bring to home. We finally choose Imperial Kitchen & Dimsum where we get a feast of Chinese food for which we pay 263,000 rupees.

   After this, we take our bags back and check in. Then we go around looking for good chances to spend the remaining rupees until the time to board for our flight back to home. We’re waiting in a beautiful boarding gate.

   Night is there all our way, including link hours in Doha, which helps in our rest. We’re flying with a smile, recalling the fantastic experiences we’ve been living in Indonesia.