Day 9 (September 18, 2016) Munich: Oktoberfest


  This is the day we’re going to spend in the Oktoberfest, which would start the previous day.

   The Traditional costume parade is by the morning and the big area is active the full day.

Oktoberfest Area


   Based on the agenda from Oktoberfest’s official website:, the traditional costume parade starts today at 10 AM. At 9:45 AM I’m looking for a place to park the car around the same area we came yesterday for the patrons’ parade. It’s not easy and I have to explore small streets to end finding one. Eva has decided to stay at hotel as this strong rain is not convenient for the cast in her leg.

   I’m surprise when I see the parade already on here as it is the starting time now and we’re closer to the place it ends than the one it starts. I manage to make room for me in Schwantharlerstrasse Street to see it.

Oktoberfest paradeOktoberfest parade

 It is like the one we saw yesterday. I get one of those gingerbread hearts so typical of Oktoberfest from the group belonging to Audi, which have come to give some of them to the side I am. Other groups throw them to the crowd from their vehicles.

Oktoberfest paradeGingerbread heart

   I leave the place after a while and go to the Theresienwiese, the place where Oktoberfest is placed, which is not far. Getting there can be complicated, though, with the streets blocked because of the parade.

   There are security officers in every access to the place and they check people’s bags. I’m not having any so I pass directly in. On despite of the rain there is a fantastic atmosphere here, with a lot of amusements and food places.

Acceso to the Oktoberfest

   But it is when I get into one of the bigger tents that I get an idea of this festival: there is a live band in the center of this huge space which is bringing fun to the hundreds of tables around full of people, although they don’t look as needing more fun at all. The one that is not dressed as Bavarian is the strange here.
One of the bigger tents in Oktoberfest

  It’s wonderful and the only thing I feel is I should join all the fun in front of me, so I leave the place to go to the hotel and bring my wife to enjoy the rest of the day here.

   Somehow, the parade is still on and I cannot go across. This parade is looking different than the one from yesterday and it is the costume parade indeed. This parade is long and spectacular.

Traditional costume parade in OktoberfestTraditional costume parade in Oktoberfest

Traditional costume parade in Oktoberfest

   When I manage to go across the street I take the car to pick up Eva and coming back to Oktoberfest.

   I leave her in one of the accesses while I’m parking the car, then we go in and get into the closest tent. It is smaller than the one I saw previously but we get seats inside. Its name is Wildstuben.

Wildstuben tent in OktoberfestWildstuben tent in Oktoberfest

   The atmosphere is great with the live music and the people mood, which cannot be better. We feel soon between friends with the strangers in our table. Once back from this travel we’d find out Usain Bolt will be here tomorrow.

   We eat a couple of choices between their sausage with side menu: 9.50€ my food and 7.10€ for Eva’s. With the big glass of beer, by 5.90 each, we spend a total of 28.40€.


   After some hours there, we’ll go out for see some of the rest here.


   Before leaving the place and go back to the hotel finishing this day we get into another of the bigger tents.

Tent in OktoberfestTent in Oktoberfest