Day 11 (September 20, 2016) Return


  We have our flight back to Barcelona at 4:05 PM, so we still could visit some missing place in Frankfurt by the morning.

Our flight Frankfurt - Barcelona


Station in Galluswarte   We leave the apartment well rested after eating all remaining food in a brunch. Galluswarte metro station is just in the next street and we get ticket to the airport already there. It’s just one stop until the big Haubtbahnhof train station, where we make our train change to the airport. We’re going with plenty of time as we don’t know how long the tasks are going to take there with Eva’s injured leg.

   Once in the airport, at the moment they put eyes on Eva’s leg we’re taken to the desk for travelers with special assistance and she is taken in a wheelchair straight to the plane door, so we pass the checks with no waits.

   This problem with my wife’s leg has affected this travl from te very beginning, but it looks like we could adapt us to it.

   It is a wonderful area what we covered in this travel and it should be a must for Europe.

   While this plane is taking us back to our regular lives, with the head resting on the window, I’m recalling the pleasure of driving through Black Forest.