Day 6 (September 15, 2016) Salzburg


  We’ll leave Innsbruck and drive to Salzburg, where we’re going to spend the night after exploring the city at afternoon and evening. We plan to visit Berchtesgaden National Park in our way to see K÷gnissee Lake and will have the option of seeing the popular “Eagle’s nest”, which is currently a restaurant.

Route Innsbruck - Salzburg

   The spots marked at map are:

 A- Innsbruck
 B- Berchtesgaden N. P.
 C- Salzburg


Innsbruck Map
    We’re awake early as consequence of going to sleep early too. Around 9 AM we’re done with the breakfast and I go out for the detailed itinerary in Innsbruck’s Old City while Eva is giving a rest to her foot in the room as we saw the basics yesterday.

   My plan is covering all the spots marked at map, similar to the one at right.

   These spots are:

0- Cityhotel

1- Golden Roof

2- St. Jakob's Cathedral

3- Jesuit Church

4- Stadtturm

5- Column of St. Anne

6- Triumphal Arch

   I start by going directly to the furthest spot: Triumphal Arch. In my way I pass by the Column of Saint Anne and several beautiful buildings in Maria-Theresien Strasse.

Rathaus in InnsbruckColumn of Saint Anne

Innsbruck's Triumphal ArchView of Maria-Theresien Street in Innsbruck

   Once back in the Golden Roof I get into a narrow street to reach St. Jakob’s Cathedral.

Golden Roof in InnsbruckHebling Haus in Innsbruck

St. Jakob's CathedralStreets of Innsbruck's Old City

   Going through an arch I go to the external side where I can see the Imperial Palace fašade and go to the Jesuit Church.

Innsbruck's Imperial PalaceJesuit Church in Innsbruck

   When I’m back in the hotel everything is ready to go. We’ve liked this Cityhotel Schwarzer Bar: location is ideal and it is the darkest green fašade in the colorful houses in the riverside.

Houses by the River InnerOur room at Cityhotel Schwarzer Bar

   The initial plan included a stop in our way to Salzburg today, but whether K÷gnissee Lake or Swarovski Museum are convenient for Eva’s injured foot, so we already decided to drive directly to Salzburg.

Salzburg's Old City map   It takes around three hours and a half from one hotel to the next. We must say we still haven’t got a ride in German free of works. This must be the reason why every part of the road that are not in works it’s perfect.

   Our priority after settling in the hotel is lunching and we go to the place recommended in the hotel desk: a closer place in our way to the river. We share a fuchspfandl (a meat selection) for two in restaurant Alter Fuchs, which gets us full by 34.70€.

   After this, is the moment for a walk in Salzburg’s Old City.

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Hotel
 1- Mozart's birthplace
 2- Alter Markt Square
 3- Residentplatz and Dom su Salzburg
 4- Mozartplatz
 5- Kollegienkirche
 6- Hohensalzburg Castle
 7- Mozart's Bridge

   We follow the street Linzer Gasse until the river, where we’re getting our first view of Hohensalzburg Castle over the streets with the typical building’s fašades.

Staatsbrucke Bridge
Linzer Gasse StreetMozart's birthplace

   Once across the river we go directly to Mozart’s birthplace, where we pay 10€ for each admission ticket to it. Photos and videos are not allowed inside. There are just a few of original items there as the most of them are labelled as replicas.

Mozart's birthplaceMozart's birthplace

   When we leave, Eva sits by a terrace for a coffee in Alter Markt as I’m doing a quick walk through this old city in a way I can come back with the shortest version of the same to see the highlights.

Alter Markt in Salzburgo

   This tour that we do together goes through beautiful Residentplatz, then Mozartplatz and using Mozart’s Bridge to come back to the other side of the river, where we find the views of the city we were looking for.

Residentplatz in SalzburgoResidentplatz in Salzburgo

Mozartplatz in SalzburgoMozart's Bridge in Salzburg

   Those are the views we’re bringing with us back to the hotel, where we’ve already got all we need for a soft dinner in our room and where we rest for the rest of the day, except for a few beers we go out to take by night.

Salzburg's Old City