Day 2 (September 11, 2016) Baden Baden


  Route through Black Forest

  We’ll pick up our rented car early in the morning in order to start our road trip as soon as possible.

   In this first stage we’re going to Baden Baden, after our first visits in Black Forest.

   At afternoon, we’ll enjoy the city and one of the popular spas there.

   The spots marked at map are:

 A- Frankfurt
 B- Herrenberg
 C- Calw
 D- Altensteig
 E- Freudenstadt
 F- Baden Baden


   The plan for today was already changed a bit before Eva’s foot injury, when my gift for her birthday was a voucher for a treatment in one of the finest spas in Baden Baden. When I called to book, they only could give me 3 PM as the latest time for it, so I changed the Black Forest towns from the plan to drive directly to Baden Baden, with a small stop in Heidelberg’s Old Town.

   So, after an early breakfast, I walk to the Enterprise office to arrive at 9 AM, the time they asked me to come when I called them. I get a new Ford Fiesta which I stop at hotel’s entrance to get the baggage and my wife. These days we’ll have to look for the way of getting the car as close as possible to the sites we’re visiting. Once on road, we pass close to cities which name we know well, as Stuttgart or Karlsruhe.

Río Neckar a su paso por HeidelbergNeckar River by Heidelberg

   After one hour and a half drive we reach Heidelberg and we start to look for parking along Neckar River, which here, is about to end in River Rhine. We manage to park close to the Old Bridge and enjoying the views of it with the Castle.

Heidelberg's Old Town
Heidelberg's CastleOld Bridge in Heidelberg


   Once again on road, we drive for one hour and 45 minutes more until our hotel in Baden Baden. It’s 1:45 PM already, so we can barely rest in the fantastic room we’ve got in Hotel Quellenhof Sophia before leaving to lunch and to our appointment in Caracalla Spa for 3 PM. Fortunately, the Spa is very close to the hotel so we lunch in a restaurant just half way to it.

   It is the Hotel Ann Friedrichsbad mit Prager Stuben’s restaurant and we get a choice of cold meat from the region, some white sausages and goulash by 27.70€.

   We finish just on time to be at Caracalla Spa’s desk by 5 minutes to 3 PM. They take Eva inside knowing her leg cannot get wet and I pay 15€ for one hour and a half in the thermal bathing area.

Caracalla Spa in Baden BadenCaracalla Spa's price list

   This is magnificent. They’ve got swimming pools to different levels and different water temperature, but all of them hot. There is one part indoors and another one outdoors, which is quite crowded due to the beautiful and hot day today.

Caracalla SpaThermal baths in Caracalla Spa


   We leave the place relaxed and, while Eva is resting at bed, I explore this beautiful city, with stepped streets full of stairs and nice corners.

Stiftskirche in Baden BadenView of Baden Baden

Baden Baden StreetsBaden Baden's Theater

   This is a procedure we’re going to follow to the places to come: I explore the city first and then I go for Eva and take a walk together by the nicest and most accessible places in the area as a way of minimize her effort. In this case we go to the casino area, avoiding the stepped streets.

Baden Baden's Casino
Trinkhalle in Baden Baden

   As we use to do, we take some light diner in our room from things we’ve brought from local shops or supermarkets. Besides, these last two hotels include all the content in the mini bar to the standard room rate.

Friedrichsbad in Baden BadenOur room at Hotel Quellenhof Sophia