Day 10 (September 19, 2016) Rothemburg ob der Tauber


  Route Munich - Frankfurt

   We have more than 4 hours on road for this day in our trip from Munich to Frankfurt, where we’ll deliver the car and get ready for our flight back to home the next day.

   In our way there are a couple of stops we can do: Nuremberg and Rothemburg ob der Tauber. We’ll decide how to deal with these visits based on our timing.

   The spots marked at map are:

 A- Munich
 B- Nuremberg
 C- Rothemburg ob der Tauber
 D- Frankfurt


Roeder Gate   We’ve got a clear idea about what we’re going to do today. The cast in Eva’s leg made us to discard the visit to Nuremberg because it is a big city with the highlights spread around a big area, so walking is a must there. Then, we’ll go directly to Rothemburg odT, where everything is concentrated in a small area.

   It’s two hours and half drive and, as we left Munich some minutes to 10 AM, it’s around 12:30 PM that we are in front of the Roeder Gate. I leave Eva at the gate and keep driving following the wall until a small car park.

   It’s just the beginning, but we’re already realizing this is the start of a spectacular visit as we’re getting into this medieval environment through Roeder Tower.

Roeder Tower in Rothenburg odTTypical lane in Rothenburg odT

   Soon after that Roeder Arch appears and the picture with the fountain makes us to fall in love of this place for ever.

Roeder Arch in Rothenburg odTRoeder Arch in Rothenburg odT

   I think I’ve found the most photographed spot in the town in a map on display on one of the shops filling these streets. It would be close to the end of the left lane once in Marketplatz, at the bottom left corner in the picture of this map below:

Typical lane in Rothenburg odTRothenburg ob der Tauber town map

   We’re astonished again when get a sight of the Marketplatz, with the Town Hall and the St. George’s Fountain.

Marketplatz in Rothenburg odTTown Hall in Marketplatz in Rothenburg odT

   A look at the left lane confirms the place I’m looking for is there indeed. It’s not only the tower, but the crowd making turns for their picture. We take that way, Plonlein, to reach this place.

Plonlein in Rothenburg odTFountain in Plonlein in Rothenburg odT

   When we’re there we need to wait a few minutes until it gets clearer, but it is not a problem as we could be here for a while, analyzing the beauty of this cross where two lanes leading to two towers on different levels converge. There is a clear maintenance work here, and not only for the two towers: the old house in the middle of the picture, where the visitors turn to pose, look like new for one of the best pictures you can take.

Plonlein in Rothenburg odTThe iconic picture of Rothenburg odT

   Plonlein is full of restaurants and, in our way down here, we’d already chosen one of them. So, with the musts already done, we get into Restaurant Baumeisterhaus.

Plonlein in Rothenburg odTRestaurant Baumeisterhaus in Rothenburg odT

   On despite of being in a very touristic place it is not expensive and we have a splendid lunch: Goulash and a sort of potato sticks stuffed with cheese for Eva and Matulsen, smaller and more than the ones I got in Black Forest, with potato a salad for me. We pay 28.10€ for the total.

   After lunching we take a walk around Marketplatz area, where we can see the Castle Tower and the Franciscan Church before reaching St. James’s Church, which is sited in so small square that is difficult to find a spot where taking the building in a picture.

Franciscan Church and Castle TowerSt. James's Church in Rothenburg odT

   In our way back to the Marketplatz we pass by the White Tower.

White Tower in Rothenburg odTRathaus in Rothenburg odT

   With this we’ve finished our visit to Rothemburg ob der Tauber, although we’ve enjoyed this place so much that would spend says exploring it. We left a last thing to do here, though: climbing to the wall.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber walls
Rothenburg ob der Tauber wallsRothenburg ob der Tauber walls

   I leave Eva and go for the car, but the road is single direction and I cannot come back using the same way so, what looked like a simple task turns into taking a long time looking for the way to Roeder Gate.

   Then, we only must drive for about two hours to reach Frankfurt and a little more until finding BOLD Apartments, which have everything we need, including a small kitchen.

Bold ApartmentsBOLD Apartments

   I’m going alone to deliver the car. We’ve chosen this allocation already thinking about being close to the car rent office so we can come back by walking. After this we’ll only leave the place for a shopping in the supermarket to make our dinner at room.