Day 7 (September 16, 2016) Munich


Map of Munich

   This day we’ll leave Salzburg and Austria behind and will arrive at Munich. As Oktoberfest starts the next day, we’ll spend this one in the touristic attractions far from the city center.

 The spots marked at map are:

 0- Holiday Inn
 1- Old Town
 2- Oktoberfest
 3- Nymphenburg Palace
 4- Olimpiapark


   We leave Salzburg with no rushes, around 10 AM, after taking our breakfast at hotel, and we’re back in German in no time. After one hour and fifteen minutes on the road we do our first stop attracted by the views of Lake Chiemsee along the road.

Chiemsee Lake
Chiemsee LakeChiemsee Lake

   There are a lot of aquatic birds on the boundaries of this lake. We’re not the only ones stopping by. The long row for parking is full.

Birds in Chiemsee Lake
Birds in Chiemsee LakeBirds in Chiemsee Lake

   It’s two more hours until we reach Munich following motorway 8, with the unavoidable works and even some diversion due to a traffic jam for unknown causes. We take the exit to Unterchanging, the area where our hotel is located. The GPS helps us to get there with no issues.

   We’re in an area in the outskirts of the city, with big supermarkets around. Lidl is the closest and is going to be handy for the next days. We get our lunch just in front of it, in a Chinese restaurant with a big – and cheap – buffet. We get full of sushi in Asia City by 20.80€.

Unterchanging Area

   Around Holiday Inn Unterchanging all the parking places are time limited or by pay, but we can park for free in Waldstrasse, just 300-400 meters from the hotel.

   The spots at the map above mark the following:

 0- Hotel Holiday Inn Munich Unterchanging
 1- Motorway 995
 2- Lidl
 3- Parking places in Waldstrasse

   It’s past 3 PM and we’ve taken the decision of spending the afternoon in the furthest visit we’ve got in our list: Olympiapark. We join the road around the city until the Northern part of it, where BMW Museum and Tower mark the place.

BMW Museum and TowerMap of Olympiapark in Munich


   It’s past 4 PM and we’re finding an unexpected life here, with a lot of girls in our way to the park from the parking. When we get the area in the middle of the sport facilities we find the reason of it: there is a Justin Bieber concert in the Olympiahalle this evening.

Olympiahalle in MunichJustin Bieber's concert in Munich

   The rest of the park is quiet. Something I didn’t know about the Olympic Stadium is it is dug in a green slope, so the park itself is part of its limits.

Olympiapark in MunichOlympiapark in Munich

   We go to the Stadium to find out that admission fee is just 3.50€, so we get in immediately. The stadium is looking far from its best moments, but it’s still fantastic. The few people inside are doing the only activity on now here: zip-lines. We do our walk around completing all the views for the stadium.

Olympic Stadium in MunichOlympic Stadium in Munich

Olympic Stadium in MunichOlympic Stadium in Munich

   Once out we get into the only facility we’re missing, the Olympia-schwimmhalle, which, as the name was pointing, results to be a big swimming pool.

Olympiapark view from Olympic StadiumSwimming pool in Olypia-Schwimmhalle

   When we’re leaving this beautiful park, with the tower leading the view of it, the line for the concert seems to be endless. We go down to road level and we can see how this line of people is filling the bridge and goes on at the other side.

Line for the concert filling the bridge

   We take our dinner at room with some of the goodies we got from Lidl and rest thinking about tomorrow, the day Oktoberfest starts with a parade by the morning which we’re not going to miss.