Day 8 (September 17, 2016) Munich


  This is the day Oktoberfest starts with a tent patrons’ parade. We’ll spend the rest of the day exploring Munich’s Old Town.

Munich's Old town map

 The spots marked at map are:

 1- Marienplatz
 2- Frauenkirche
 3- Virtualinmarket
 4- Isartor
 5- Sendlinger Tor
 6- Karl Tor
 7- Hofbräuhaus beer hall
 8- Odeonplatz
 9- Residentz


   The first thing to do today is clear: at 11 AM is when the patrons parade starts and, with it, the Oktoberfest. So no rushes today for leaving the hotel and I drive to Munich city center where, moving with all the blocked streets, is not an easy task.

   When I see the parking sign belonging to a shopping mall I go in there. It’s 20 minutes to 11 AM and we’re already in Karlsplatz, where we can see the first of the old city gates we’re going to see today: Karls Tor (number 6 at map).

Karls TorThe atmosphere in Munich streets by Oktoberfest

   We’re seeing people specially dressed for today with the typical Bavarian costumes.

   Weather, though, seems to be the only thing against the celebrations as it is raining, for the first time in this travel, but constantly today. With this, all the way the parade is going to follow is crowded and, as all the people is holding umbrellas, it makes difficult to get some view of the place. We finally climb to a monument base that is crowded, but where we can make our space. It’s about 10 meters from the parade’s path but high enough as for having view, above the umbrellas line, of everything that is coming and turning. This is because it is a corner and they must turn to the right. We wait standing here until the first part of the parade appears, with the police on horses.

Tent patrons' Parade at Oktoberfest
Tent patrons' Parade at Oktoberfest
Tent patrons' Parade at Oktoberfest

   After a while looking how carriages and bands are passing, and as the rain is getting stronger, we leave looking for a place to take our breakfast. We get into a big store we saw before on this street Sonnenstrasse.

   We get cover from the rain there and, in the upper floor, a café and a restaurant with an amazing food on display which is almost ready to open for lunch. Besides, from here we’re getting fantastic views of Munich. Even the parade can be seen from here!

Sonnenstrasse Street viewTent patrons' Parade in Oktoberfest view from high

   At the moment restaurant Dinea, which is specially decorated for the event too, opens the buffet we take our food on despite of being just 11:30 AM. I take knuckle with sides and Eva goes for a big bratwurst. We pay 13.85€ for everything.

Dinea RestaurantSky view of Karlsplatz

   We leave the place totally satisfied. We pay 10€ for a bit more than 2 hours of parking and drive back to the hotel. The permanent rain and the wet streets are not good for Eva’s cast in her foot, so she’ll be in the hotel for the rest of the day. I rest for a couple of hour and go to explore Munich’s old city.

   I park in Oberanger Street and walk down to Virtualmarket and Isar gate, Isartor (3 and 4).


   Then I walk to the center of this old city, Marienplatz (1). This square is busy, with a lot of people passing by. Everybody is using an umbrella. The New Town Hall building is impressive. The Old Town Hall is here too and they look like if the adjectives are switched as the new is looking older.

MarienplatzNew Town Hall in Munich

New Town Hall in MunichOld Town Hall in Munich

   I leave Marienplatz to get into the streets of this Old City looking for Munich’s most popular beer store: Hofbräuhaus (7). I find it with a lot of people at the entrance and, inside, there are a lot more. It is really crowded and the atmosphere is fantastic with the live music and I would like to join, but there is not a single place free.

Hofbräuhaus beer store in MunichHofbräuhaus beer store in Munich

    The streets around Hofbräuhaus are full of gift stores with reasonable prices, so Frauenkircheit is here where I get my souvenirs.

    I take the way back to Marienplatz to visit Munich’s Cathedral: Frauenkirche (2), which tower we could see this morning above the roofs.

   Inside, it is mostly white and the Cenotaph of Emperor Louis IV is a highlight here. It is Hans Krumpper’s work.

Cenotaph of Emperor Louis IV in Frauenkirche

   I’m back in Marienplatz to admire the beauty of the New Town Hall one more time, and the last one. After this, I’m walking back to Oberanger Street but, before getting the car, I keep going to the limits to see the last of the gates of my list: Sendlinger Tor (5)

Sendlinger TorOberanger Street

   Now I’m ready to get the car and drive back to the hotel to take some dinner with my wife and getting ready for our day in the Oktoberfest tomorrow.