Day 1 (September 10, 2016) Frankfurt


   We’ve got an early flight and it is short, so the arrival at Frankfurt is expected to be around 9 AM. We’ll take the train and leave the baggage at hotel.

   Then we’ll have the entire day to explore Frankfurt’s Old Town.

Map of Frankfurt

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Hotel Europa Style
 1- Goethe House
 2- Romerberg
 3- St. Bartholomew's Cathedral
 4- St. Paul's Church
 5- Hauptwache
 6- Eschenheimer Tower
 7- Alte Oper


   Flight is good but Eva injures her foot just after landing and cannot walk, so we take the train to Hauptbahnhof Station by 4.65€ each. We get the Hotel Europa Style slowly from there.

Frankfurt's city centerOur room at Hotel Europe Style

   Hotel is good and we rest a bit before taking a taxi to the nearest hospital which, based on the staff in the reception desk, is the Universitatsklinikum, just across the river. We pay 6€ for the taxi ride.

   We spend six hours in emergencies for three visits: the first with the doctor, the one for the x-rays and the final one for the cure, based in a cast for the food. The invoice is for 208€, which we must pay as we haven’t got the European Sanity card and because our insurance will pay part of the money back after the claim.

   When my wife is leaving this hospital using crutches and the recommendation of immobilization and rest for six weeks it’s clear that every day of this travel will require quite improvisation by us.

Eschenheimer TowerSt. Bartholomew's Cathedral

Willy-Brandt-PlatzRomerberg Platz

   Somehow, today is done. I only manage to take a quick walk by Frankfurt’s city center at dusk while Eva is resting at bed and I get the medicines.