Day 4 (September 13, 2016) Freiburg


  We’ll spend the morning of this day exploring Freibur. After that, we’ll leave to drive to Lindau, where we’ll spend the night. We could stop by Feldberg in our way.

Route Freiburg - Lindau

   The spots marked at map are:

 A- Freiburg
 B- Feldberg
 C- Lindau


   With no rushes and after a good breakfast we’re in Freiburg city center around 10:30 AM. The hard part is to park with this obligation of getting as close as possible to the place to see since Eva injured her foot. The best option seems to be a big parking building besides Schwabenstor, one of the Old City towers.

Johanneskirche in FriburgoMartinstor in Friburgo

   When we walk across the gate in this tower the city makes a change of century: tarmac is now flagstones and the façades are classic and decorated.

Street of Freiburg's Old CitySchwabenstor, gate to Freiburg's Old City

   There is a system of gutters on these streets which was used to fight the fires. Now, child enjoy getting in them to refresh their feet or play with the toys placed around and fixed to avoid to be taken.

View of SchwabenstorGlutter through Freiburg's Old City

   We soon reach the Cathedral, called Münster and giving name to Freiburg’s largest square: Münsterplatz. It is big, but the market held here every day – except Sundays – leave few spaces, which makes difficult to get a general picture of the building.

Münster in FriburgoMarket in Münsterplatz

Münster in Friburgo
Münster's interior


   I explore further areas of this Old City like the City Hall and the Martinstor, the other tower remaining from the original gates to the city.

Freiburg's City HallMartinstor

   We’re back at car around 12:15 PM and, with the time we spend looking for the right exit of Freiburg and enjoying the views in motorway 31, we take the exit to Titisee Lake by 1:30 PM. This was not a scheduled stop, but it’s lunch time and we like what we see here.

Titisee LakeTitisee Lake

   There are a lot of restaurants to choose here and we finally get into Pferdestall, which is big but full of people from the groups brought by the coaches parked outside. It is noisy but they’re about to leave now. Once we get the table the restaurant is empty and quiet we lunch alone in this big dining room: Cannelloni, seafood spaghetti and, finally, a piece of Black Forest pie, by 32.30€..

Titisee TownTitisee Town

   We’ve changed the visit to Feldberg by a simpler and shorter one: the Source of the Danube. We reach Donaueschingen in 40 minutes. The city has beautiful corners besides the place everybody is coming: Donauquelle.

Donauquelle's entranceDonauquelle

   Once back on the road we’re in the last drive for today to Lindau. We reach Constanza Lake in less than one hour but we learn quickly we’re going to enjoy these landscapes more than we wanted as the road is very busy and, therefore, slow. Our destination is almost at the end of the lake.

Lago ConstanzaLago Constanza

   It takes more than one hour and a half to reach Lindau. We’ve gone directly to the port instead of passing by the hotel first as we want to see it at daylight. Lindau is a big city, but all its touristic attractions are in a small island in the lake. It’s 6:30 PM when we pay one euro for one hour of parking and enjoy the beautiful view of this place which make us to be sorry about the time wasted on road.

Lindau's Port
LindauLindau's Port

   As the wonderful view of the lighthouse and the lion in the environment of this big lake makes us to want more of it, I walk to the lighthouse, where the keeper allows me to pass to get a better view of the lake.

Lindau's PortView of Constanza Lake from Lindau's Port

  When we finally get the hotel it results to be more like a backpacker hostel: beds are bunk beds and furniture are wooden boxes. It is clean, though, but it is not what we thought.