- Route plan

   With the covid restrictions still on, but being vaccinated, we had the doors of Europe opened, although not many other options. So we focused on the last of the 49 wonders in our continent: Mount Vesuvius.

   We had already studied this trip for a few years. It's short and cheap, but it gives us the chance of being in lots of places we wanted to visit: Pompeii, Capri, Almalfi Coast...

Itinerary by Naples and Amalfi Coast

  Since we think that two days and a half should be enough to visit the most basic in Naples, we split this travel in two stages: the first in Naples city and the next visiting the highlights in the area around the coast. For this last one Sorrento quickly stood out: with direct train to Pompeii and Naples, ferry to Capri and bus to Amalfi Coast, which was making it an ideal hub for this stage, being also somewhere to visit by itself. This was also helping on not needing to rent a car which, even if it could seem to be the ideal way to explore the Amalfi Coast, we learnt in our investigation that parking the car in the towns or places along the road is hard and likely impossible in summer.

   Our last decision taken in our itinerary was to use the visit to Capri for our change of hotel from Naples to Sorrento after confirming there was a place to leave our baggage in Capri's port. This was saving us lots of time and a night in Naples, which is where the allocation is more expensive. Besides, the train trip from Sorrento to Pompeii is shorter than from Naples.

   So, finally, the definitive route plan (number of day and where we'll spend the night), is the following, starting by August 24th of 2021:

1, 2 y 3: Naples
4, 5, 6 y 7: Sorrento
: Home

 The total budget for this short travel for the two of us is 1096,50€, a bit less than 550€ per person.

- Flights

   A quick search of flights for the dates we want to travel leaded us to Vueling. Purchasing the flights in the company website we saw that the best rate with a bag to check in is by selecting the “Optimum” option for one of us, which incudes a 25 Kg checked in bag by 170€ and the “Basic” option for the other one by 110€.

   Finally, the return flights bought to Vueling by a total of 280€ for the two of us and the bag are the following:

08/25/2021   BCN   7:00       NAP    9:00
08/31/2021   NAP   9:40       BCN  11:45

- Hotels

   Once with the flights purchased, and after checking that allocation is more expensive in Naples that out of the city, we decided to split the nights in 3 nights in Naples and 4 in Sorrento. As usual, we start our searches in Booking.

   For our allocation in Naples we looked for somewhere close to the centre, at walking distance to some of the places we are going to visit and with a Metro station nearby for the further visits. It didn't take long to book in La Fontanina Suites, with an excellent value for money and, besides, it is also close to the ferry port, which will be our exit point from Naples. We have booked 3 nights by 110€ each: 330€in total.

   Sorrento was the chosen place for our allocation out of Naples, with direct train Pompeii, even shorter than from Naples, ferry to Capri and bus to the Amalfi Coast, which makes it ideal for all our trips. Finally, looking for the best value for money, we ended out of Sorrento, in Domus San Vicenzo in Sant'Agnello, a convent with an area the nuns use to allocate tourists. It's by the coast, in front of the sea, and close to a beach to which the access is by a public elevator, and there is also a train station nearby. The rate for a double room is 99€, so we have booked four nights by 394€, breakfast included.

   With this, the total expense in hotels for this travel is 726€.

-Rental car

   We plan to use the Metro for going around in Naples and we have the train and the bus for our visits to Pompeii and Amalfi Coast, so we don't need a car for this travel.

-Other expenses

   Since we have a specific day for our visit to Capri island, which is also going to be the hotel change from Naples to Sorrento, we've purchased the tickets of the ferry in advance.

   We've purchased the ferry from Naples to Capri through the NLG: web site: 24€ each and 2€ more for the bag. The ferry leaves at 10:35h from Beverello port and have a expected duration of 45 minutes.

   We've purchased the tickets for the ferry from Capri to Sorrento through SNAV web site: 19.20€ each and 2.10€ for the bag. The ferry leaves at 17:40 from Capri and takes 40 minutes to reach Sorrento.

   The total cost in ferries is 90,50€

   Detailed plan, then, is like this:

Day Night Morning Afternoon
24 Naples Vuelo Naples
25 Naples Naples Naples
26 Nápoles Nápoles Nápoles
27 Sorrento Ferry Capri
28 Sorrento Vesuvius Pompeii
29 Sorrento Sorrento Sorrento
30 Sorrento Amalfi Coast Amalfi Coast
31 Home Flight Home