We are animal lovers and that's something that is considered for most of our travels somehow. So, we are always looking after adding experiences with them to our lives, with the priority of wild environments whenever is possible.

These are the animal encounters that we stand out from our travels:

Babuins, hyenas, ospreys, kudus, lions and leopard

In Kruger - South Africa 2022
Rhinos, hippos, linyala, wildebeest, giraffes and weaver birds.

In Hlane - Swaziland 2022
Coatis, tegu lizards and multiple tropical birds

In Iguazu - Argentina 2019
Whales, pinguins. guanacos and sea lions

In Península Valdes - Argentina 2019
Flemings and multiple patagonic birds

In Laguna Nimez - Argentina 2019
Orangutans and proboscis monkeys

In Tajung Puting - Indonesia 2018
Komodo dragons, sea turtles and mantar ay

In Komodo - Indonesia 2018
Storks, wolves and European bisons

In Bialowieza - Poland 2018
Crocodiles and Wallabies

In Kakadu - Australia 2015
Green turtle and multiple fishes

In The Great Barrier Reef - Australia 2015
Cassowaries and some Australian birds

In Daintree - Australia 2015
Koalas, dingos, kangaroos, wallabies...

In Melbourne - Australia 2015
Reef sharks and rays

In Kuredu - Maldives 2014
Mudskippers, red fiddler crab, monitor lizard

In Sudarbans - India 2014
Alligators, turtle and heron

In Everglades - Miami 2014
Sharks y rays

In Belice - Yucatan 2014
Coatis and toucans

In Tikal - Yucatan 2014
Great migration and lions, warthogs, impalas, ostrich, waterbuck, baboons, vulture...

In Masai Mara - Kenya 2013
Fishing eagle, hippos, colobus monkeys, gazelles, giraffes...

In Naivasha - Kenya 2013
Elephants, buffalos, zebras, wildebeest, hyenas...

In Amboseli - Kenya 2013
Sea lions, Hector dolphins and yellow eyed penguin

In The Catlins - New Zealand 2012
Seals and keas

In Hokitika - New Zealand 2012

In Wadi Rum - Jordan 2011

In Chiang Mai - Thailand 2010

In Baanchang - Thailand 2010
Macaques, gibbon and tucano

In Khao Yai - Thailand 2010
Californian condors

In Grand Canyon - USA 2008
Sea lions, Elephant seal and Californian squirrels

In Big Sur - USA 2008
Valley of the Butterflies

In Rhodes - Greece 2007

In Mykonos - Greece 2007