Day 6 (March 9, 2014) Caye Caulker


Caye Caulker

   This day is entirely dedicated to a tour including three stops:

   - Viewing manatees in their natural habitat.

   - Snorkeling at Goff's Caye, sited right on the reef.

   - Swimming with sharks and rays.


   We must be at 10:15 AM at tour agency office and, as usual, we’re up a lot earlier than that. We relax for a while, looking at the beautiful sunrise, and go out for our breakfast at the nearest restaurant.

   It is in the second – and last – floor of a house in the junction of two streets and we get good views of Caye Caulker while we eat our eggs with bacon and toasts. We pay 18 BZ$ in total for it.

Caye Caulker's streetsCaye Caulker's streets

   Due to the slow way of live on this Caribbean Island, after finishing our breakfast it’s time to go to the hotel for our snorkels and appear in the agency for our 10:30 AM tour.

   The group walks to the water taxi pier where we all board into a small boat which leaves the island immediately.

Boat for snorkel tourBelizean barrier reef

   The first stop is in the spot they call “The Chanel” and it is 45 minutes swimming over this underwater paradise. We see a lot of colorful fishes and even a green moray eel.
Belize barrier reef Belize barrier reef    The second stop is in a shallow area of the reef where sharks and rays are used to the constant visits of the boats with tourists. Our guide throw some food around and we can go to the water with the group has come to eat. The feeling of being surrounded by these big fishes is fantastic. We can even touch them and I get slobbered by a sting ray over the belly.

Sharks and stingrays in Belize barrier reef
Sharks and stingrays in Belize barrier reefSharks and stingrays in Belize barrier reef    The third and last stop is close to the end of the barrier, which is easily seen because the change in the color of the sea to a darker blue and because is in there where the waves are breaking against this natural border. This part is known as “Coral gardens”. It is not deep here either and we can keep enjoying the underwater nature in such clear water.

underwater view in BelizeSeagull in our boat

   When we are back to the island, after more than three hours out, we’re a bit tired but extremely happy by the experience. We pass to the hotel to leave the stuff and change of clothes before going to lunch.

Caye Caulker coastCaye Caulker's streets

   We choose restaurant “La Cubana”, where we eat from the menu, although they have a buffet there. We eat beef fillet for my wife and a couple of tacos for me by 30 BZ$ in total.

Restaurane "La cubana"Spongebob tree

   We go out for a long walk to help our digestions and go up to the end of the island to the spot known as Split. We can see in our way how the streets are wearing Jamaican thematic as we’re reaching the place until we end in a big area full of people, in land and in the water too. There is music coming from two big baffles. The most popular pub of the country is the Lazzy Lizard, and it is where we are now. It is full of young people just in front of the narrow separation between this island and the next. There is even a big yate docked by the bar.

Lazy LizzardSplit

   We come back to the hotel to rest and only will leave it briefly for a couple of hot dogs in stand in the street.