Day 11 (October 30, 2019)   Iguazu: Argentinian side


  This day will be entirely spent on exploring Iguazu Falls. As we’re leaving the hotel tomorrow, we’re thinking about making what gets you wet this day because tomorrow we wouldn’t have a room to take a shower. With this, if we don't have time for all three circuits we'll do. at least, inferior circuit and Garganta del Diablo (Devil's throat).

Map of Iguazu area


   We get our breakfast at hotel and at 9 AM the taxi from yesterday is waiting for us as planned. The ride to the entrance of the National Park is going through most of the way we did yesterday from the airport.
Road access to Iguazu N.P.
   Admission ticket is 800$ per person and we need to join the line to get it. It is crowded and lots of them are belonging to a group with guide. We get in trying to leave behind as many of these groups as possible and, once in the first square, we get into the Visitors Centre for a map.
Gate to Iguazu N.P.Visitors Centre of Iguazu N.P.
   We leave with the idea of going first to inferior circuit and go to Devil’s Throat after that. The reason is not only not starting with the best but, thinking most of the visitors will go to the throat first, trying to get a less crowded experience as much as possible. We can see hundreds of people in the train station, so we turn to “Sendero Verde”, since inferior and superior circuits are close.
Sendero VerdeSendero Verde
   This path goes through a piece of jungle to the train station named “Cataratas”, which is the one for circuits inferior and superior. From there, we follow the signs to the inferior circuit until starting it by taking some stairs down to an area with a shop and tables, where we can see our first coati.
"Cataratas" train station
   We go on by taking a platform through jungle while hearing the roar of the water. After a turn to the left we’re getting our first view of Devil’s throat.
First view of Garganta del Diablo
   The next is having the option of taking a way down to Alvar Nuņez waterfall or going on straight. Since this is our first waterfall, we’re taking the option and we don’t regret. We can have a close look at the waterfall, three coatis and rock birds that can stop in the vertical wall.
Coaties at circuit inferiorRock birds at Alvar Nuņez waterfall
   The platform follow this wall in front of the waterfalls what makes us to stop quite often for pictures until reaching Bossetti waterfall, where there is a balcony, which is one of the highlights of this circuit. You can nearly touch the water and pictures are getting the next two waterfalls: Adan and Eve. This spot is labelled as the most popular in Instagram.

Views from inferior circuitGarganta del Diablo from inferior circuitViews from inferior circuit
   Once back up to the main path, we reach a wider area with spectacular views to Garganta del Diablo and all the wall of waterfalls in front of San Martin Island. This is the first time we're feeling how magnificent is the wonder we're visiting.
Bossetti waterfallLizard in Iguazu
   The circuit leaves the riverside and gets into the rain forest. We take the path to Chico waterfall, which is dry, but we can see a couple of lizards.

   The last waterfalls in this circuit are “Dos Hermanas” (Two sisters), which make a beautiful landscape. This place would be fantastic anywhere else, but here, after all we’ve already seen, they’re not outstanding.
Dos Hermanas waterfallBird in Iguazu
   It’s past 12 PM when we’re leaving the inferior circuit behind and agree this is the best time to go to the Devil’s throat, since it’s lunch time and we presume people will think on going to restaurants than there. We take train ticket for 12:40 PM. Train is free, but it is needed to take a ticket in the stand to organize the lines.
"Cataratas" train station
   In our way to Devil’s throat we think we have succeeded in our thoughts since our train ia quite empty while the three trains we meet coming down are full.
Plataforms over Iguazu RiverView of Iguazu river from the platforms
   Once out of the train, we follow the only possible way which is mostly going through a platform over the river.
Reaching Garganta del Diablo
   This platform ends in a balcony all over the Devil’s Throat and, indeed, it’s breath-taking. It’s not only the big horseshoe shaped waterfall with an impressive flow of water, besides, we have the multiple falls in both walls, the cloud created by the water falling where permanently reside a double rainbow and the birds, which they’re used to live on such an unique place and fly through the curtain of water like if they were playing with it.

Garganta del Diablo

   As I read, this is the most spectacular place here. One of those where pictures cannot really show its magnificence and makes you feel like a privilege to be able to enjoy it, at least, once in your life.
Garganta del DiabloGarganta del Diablo
   We come back knowing we’ve just lived a very special moment and happy because our strategy was successful since, even with people in that balcony, it’s not like we know it use to be. We’ve got enough space to stand looking from one of the most spectacular balconies in the world and making our pictures with no people on them.
Garganta del Diablo
   We take the train until the end: Central station. It’s past 2:30 PM and we’re going to get our lunch at the buffet restaurant here: La Selva. In our way we’ve got a couple of vouchers with 20% discount for it. With that, access to buffet is 550$ each. There is a small extra to pay for access to the grill, but there is enough food in the buffet and it’s enough for us.
Coati in Iguazu N.P.
   With full stomachs the tiredness grows and, being this hot, we’re more thinking about the swimming pool in the hotel than the superior circuit, so we call our taxi driver to be taken to the hotel.
Bird in IguazúView from the entrance of Iguazu N.P.
   We pay 400$ to him, which is the standard rate for a return ride to Iguazu National Park from Puerto Iguazu. In five minutes, we’re in the swimming pool. We spend the rest of the day relaxing at hotel.