- Route plan

   This trip to Poland comes from the needing of looking for a closer and cheap destination for the summer to make the wait softer for our big travel by the end of the year.

   The wish appeared several years ago, when I was amazed by some images of Wieliczka salt mines I could see on TV.

   I could find other wonders from Poland in later searches, like Bialowieza Forest, Masurian Lakes or the magnificent old towns in the main Polish cities.

   As Ryanair allows to fly to different cities in Poland, we could think since the beginning about an entry to the country from the North and exit from the South. Gdansk and Krakow airports matched with this plan so we’ve got a primary route between these two cities which we should just make it pass by the places we wanted to visit.

Ruta por Polonia

   Once with the whole itinerary clear we preferred to concentrate the nights as much as possible to avoid having to organize the bags every day. We could choose a day driving and ending by night in the same place we should spend the next day.

   So, finally, the definitive route plan (number of day and where we’ll sleep) is the following, starting by June 16th of 2018:

1: Gdansk
2 & 3: Mikalojki
4 & 5: Varsovia
6: Wroclaw
7 & 8: Cracovia

   The total budget for this travel, counting flights, hotels and car, can be less than 1000€ for two persons with good, but lesser, insurance conditions for the hired car.

- Flights

   It was clear we were flying with Ryanair for this destination, an airline we use to avoid. But, in this case, we’ve purchased two tickets from Dublin to Gdansk by 76€ each and other two tickets from Krakow to Dublin by 73.5€ each.

  As we must check in a bag, we must pay 40€ each way to complete the costs about flights.

   Finally, then, the flights are like this, by 379€:

06/16/2018   DUB   7:10     GDN   10:50
06/24/2018   KRK  21:10     DUB   23:10

- Hotels

   As this is a cheap destination and time is a priority here, we’ve focused in location when searching for allocation. So, basically, we’ve tried to choose the best value for money around the places we want to visit on each city from the ones available in Booking.com:

 - The first night is very important as we’re coming from a very early flight, so we’ll arrive tired and we’ll probably need a nap during the day. We’ve chosen Kamienica Goldwasser, by the river, just besides the medieval port crane in Gdansk. We’ll pay 360 zlotys for it.

 - Mikolajki is the center of Masurian Lakes, so we look for a place there. We’ve got a room in Prohibicja Peter's Pub just a few steps where is everything in this city. 396 zlotys is our price for the two nights.

 - In Warsaw we’ve chosen an apartment in the Old Town, a few meters from the Market Square. We’ll pay 498 zlotys for the two nights in Spichlerz.

 - The place for Wroclaw is Hotel Patio, in Old Town. This is the only one that we had to pay in advance: 93€ for the only night we’ll spend there.

 - In Krakow, in Old Town too, besides Cathedral, Apartamenty Sienna 7 gives us all we need by 502.20 zlotys in total.

   This is giving us a total cost in hotels of 1756.2 zlotys + 93€. This is about 500€.

-Rental car

   After a quick comparison I learn that, as usual, best rates for rental cars are coming from local agencies. I chose Panek, which allows me to take the car in Gdansk’s airport and make the delivery in Krakow city center. Besides, we’re getting a Seat Ibiza by 80.85 zlotys per day. This is the rate with unlimited mileage, but this rate can be lower with a lower limit for the mileage..

   Euro is around 4 zlotys currently, so we only have to calculate the half of the half to get an approximated conversion of a price in euros. In this case, 20€ per day is 160€ for all 8 days I’m renting the car, plus a 100 zlotys charge for delivery in a different location, it makes a total of 185€.

   Somehow, security is at minimum and, therefore, the deposit when picking up the car is huge. I preferred adding all insurance options, so the rate raised to 280€, but deposit is now 125€ and I’m covered for any problem I can get with the car.

-Other expenses

   We have no extra costs on this travel, only the tickets for the places we’re going to visit, which we’ll pay at the moment and will be explained in the story for every day.

   Detailed plan, then, is like this:

Day Morning Afternoon Night
16 Gdansk Flight Gdansk
17 Malbork Mikolajki Mikolajki
18 Cruise Mikolajki Mikolajki
19 Bialowieza Warsaw Warsaw
20 Warsaw Warsaw Warsaw
21 Poznan Wroclaw Wroclaw
22 Wroclaw Auschwitz Krakow
23 Wieliczka Krakow Krakow
24 Krakow Flight Home