Day 3 (June 18, 2018)   Masurian Lakes


Lagos de Masuria

  We'll spend this entire day to enjoy Masurian lakes from our base in Mikolajki.Este día lo dedicaremos entero a disfrutar de los lagos de Masuria desde nuestra base en Mikolajki. We plan to do a cruise, most likely to Ruciane-Nida to see the landscapes in the way.


   Breakfast starts at 9 AM, ticket office for ferries opens at 9:30 AM and the boat we want to take is scheduled to leave at 10 AM, so it looks like a tight start for the morning. Somehow, when we’re at 9:30 AM in the ticket office we’re asked to come back at 10 AM, and then we’re explained there is no boat to Ruciane-Nida this morning because we’re the only ones and, therefore, there is no enough people for that. They call to assure me that the one at 2:20 PM is going to happen, and when the answer is yes, I purchase two tickets by 40 zlotys each.
Prohibicja Peter's PubView of Mikolajki from ferry terminal
   We’re ready for sailing this morning so I come back to the office to ask where the only boat taking people is going. When they answer it’s just for sailing by Lake Sniardwy, the biggest lake in the country, for a bit more than one hour, I’ll get two tickets. They make us a 10% discount because we’re already customers, so we pay 32.40 zlotys each.
Ferry to lake SniardwyMikolajki ferry terminal
   This boat is the one that appears for 9 AM in the ferry timetable, but it finally leaves at 10:30 AM. The only problem at the top is the sun, which is strong and makes us miss a cap or hat.

View of Mikolajki from the lake
Leaving Mikolajki
  This is a gentle trip with beautiful views for Mikolajki when leaving it, which is a lot more beautiful town from the lake. Later, the trip is full of water landscapes with green boundaries and sailboats here and there.
Lake SniardwyLake SniardwyLake SniardwyLake Sniardwy
   It’s nearly 12 PM when we’re back at Mikolajki. We pass by a supermarket for waters and make a stop in the room. Then we take a walk to choose a place for lunch. We finally take seats in the terrace of restaurant Zlota Rybka, in the same street than the hotel. I eat a pot of pasta with sausages, ham and bacon that has the name of makaronowe here, and noodles with smoked salmon for Eva. Portions are huge here and we’re glad of haven’t ordered something more. We pay 56 zlotys in total.
Zlota Rybka restaurantMakaronowe pot
   It's nearly 2 PM when we go to the ferry terminal, where we can see how our boat is ready. It is scheduled for 2:20 PM and it seems it’s going to be on time.

View of Mikolajki from the lake
Laos de Masuria
  This trip takes more than two hours and takes us through narrower places than the previous one. It feels like time is slow while enjoying these views.

Masurian lakesHorses in Masurian lakesMasurian lakes
 By the final part of the cruise, there is a lock that links two lakes with two meters difference in high of the water.
Lock in Lake BeldanyLock in Lake Beldany
 After this comes the most beautiful part of the way, with a lot of birds and water lilies on the near banks.

Swan family in Masurian lakesArriving at Ruciane NidaArriving at Ruciane-Nida
   Once on land, in Ruciane-Nida, we ask at the port about our options to come back to Mikolajki. It can only be done by taxi now. We call the number they’re showing to us and a taxi appears in five minutes. This is a pretty small town. It’s a 20 Km ride and we pay 142 zlotys for it.
Ruciane-NidaRuciane-Nida ferry terminal
   The rest of the day is for resting and take the rests of our lunch we brought to the room as dinner.

Mikolajki church by nightMikolajki bridge by night