Day 5 (June 20, 2018)   Warsaw


Warsaw map

   This day will be spent entirely on exploring Warsaw and, specially, the Old Town, where we're allocated.

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Apartments Spichlerz

 1- Old Town

 2- Krakowskie Przedmiescie

 3- National Museum

 4- Ulica Miodowa

 5- Palace of Culture and Science


   As we are in an apartment, we take our breakfast from the food we brought from a supermarket last night. With this, we leave the place some minutes after 10AM. Our plan is starting with the further visits.
Carmelite Church in Krakowskie PrzedmiescieVisitationist Church in Krakowskie Przedmiescie
   We start by taking avenue Krakowskie Przedmiescie, which may be the most popular street in Warsaw, by observing the monuments along the way. Holy Cross Church stands out here, which has an urn with the heart of Chopin inside.

Holy Cross ChurchHoly Cross ChurchHoly Cross ChurchHoly Cross Church
   Once the end of the street is reached, with the Staszic Palace and Copernicus monument we walk forward beyond until reaching the beautiful building of the Palace of Culture and Science.
Palace Staszic and Copernicus monumentPalace of Culture and Science
   We turn around here and come back to the Old Town, where we plan to have our lunch.

Metro station in WarsawSt. Anne's ChurchSt. Anne's Church
  We explore Old Town Market Place, which is always full of live, and then take St. John’s Street to visit St. John’s Cathedral. The street is too narrow as per being able of getting distance for a good picture of the front of cathedral’s front.

Warsaw'a Old Town Market PlaceSt. John's CathedralSt. John's Cathedral
   We end in the Royal Palace and choose one of the restaurants with terrace in the Palace Square for our lunch. It’s an Italian named “Dolce Vita” and we pay 100 zlotys for two pizzas: my four seasons and Eva’s asparagus one. They’re very big and thin.

Palace Square in WarsawView of Palace Square
Royal PalaceCourtyard in Royal Palace   We come back to the apartment for a rest and wake up at 5:30 PM from an involuntary nap. Then leave to see the Barbican and the Old Town’s walls.
Warsaw's BarbicanWarsaw's Barbican
   From there, we walk to Ulica Miodowa, which is completely in improvement works. It looks like it will be a nice street in the future, but now it’s just a mess. Besides, Cathedral of the Polish Army is completely covered by scaffolding. In front of it we can see the Uprising Monument, though.

Branicki Palace in Ulica MiodowaPac Palace's gate in Ulica MiodowaCapuchins Church in Ulica MiodowaWarsaw'a Uprising Monument
   We’re done with our visits, so we walk by the Old Town, enjoying its atmosphere in these streets, and making time for the Spain match in World Cup at 8 PM.

Warsaw Market PlaceMermaid Statue in WarsowSt. John's Street in Warsaw's Old TownSt. MArtin's Church
   After that, we go back to the apartment for our well-deserved rest. We’ve leave it one more time, though, to enjoy this Old Town in lights by night.

Market Place by nightPalace Square by night