Day 7 (June 22, 2018)   Wroclaw and Auschwitz


   We’ll spend the morning of this day exploring Wroclaw’s Old Town or the parts we couldn’t see the previous day. Then, in our way to Krakow, we’ll stop by Auschwitz for an afternoon visit.

Route Wroclaw - Auschwitz - Cracovia


   We go to lunch after 9 AM and it’s around 10 AM when we leave the hotel to go directly to the hairdresser recommended in the hotel to Eva. I go alone to Raclawice Panorama in the meantime and pay 30 zlotys for the admission ticket. It seems a group gets in every 30 minutes and I’ve been lucky enough as per going straight in as the last person of the current group, so doors are closed just behind me.
Entrance to Raclawice PanoramaEntrance to Raclawice Panorama
   This is a 360 panorama with a moment of the Raclawice battle painted in the wall and is thought to make you feel like you were there, with 3D elements, like branches starting in the painting and coming out from it. In the 30 minutes this visit takes a voice is describing the real battle facts in the painting, from one specific point to the left until reaching the starting point again, where it finishes. When a leave the place is just the time to pick Eva up.

Raclawice Panorama

   Yesterday, we left just the area around the hotel to explore: the core of this Old Town. We pass by St. May Magdalene Cathedral and get into the big Market Square or Rynek, like it is called by the locals. It is full of live and wooden kiosks.
St. Adalbert's ChurchSt. Mary Magdalene's Cathedral
   We spend some time looking to the magnificent Old City Hall building with Gothic architecture. We leave the square just a moment to see the University’s library.

Market SquareWroclaw's Old City HallWroclaw's Old City HallWroclaw's Old City Hall
   St Elizabeth Church, which is just in front of the hotel, is totally covered by scaffolding with a blue cover. Once in the hotel we ask for the car as we’re bringing baggage downstairs.
University Library in WroclawHotel Patio
   We say good bye to Wroclaw, which is looking like a big city to us. If we can base on what it takes to leave the city, we could say it is even bigger than Warsaw. Then we take highway A2 heading to Katowice as, just after it, it’s the exit to go to Auschwitz. Before that, we stop in a services area for lunch. We pay 60 zlotys for my big pork knuckle and the portion of chicken and golabki (cabbage leaves wraps) for Eva.
Entrance to Auschwitz
   It looks like if they don’t want people to visit Auschwitz, as there are no signs for it until you’re nearly there. We reach it with the help of cell phone’s GPS. Access is free, so we only must pay for parking.
Auschwitz's external fence
   We access inside through the railway gate and check the plans to see the best is to walk to the end of the barracks field and then coming back through one of them.

Auschwitz's railwayCrematorium in AuschwitzCrematorium in Auschwitz
   The first shock about this place is how big it is. Among all the identical barracks, there are only two and the of them opened to the public, which are well signed. The rest of the camp is closed, and crematoriums collapsed.

Barracks in AuschwitzBarracks in AuschwitzBarracks in AuschwitzBarracks in Auschwitz
   This visit has taken a few more than one hour and we pay 10 zlotys for the parking before our final drive to Krakow. We’ve been called by the apartment’s guy and we’re going to meet at 7:30 PM. We arrive a bit late after the traffic jam in the last toll and the hard of finding a place to park, as it is not allowed inside the Old Town. We take the keys and rest in our room.