Day 6 (June 21, 2018)   Poznan


   This is another long journey on road of nearly 500 Km. We'll leave Warsaw and arrive at Wroclaw to spend the night, but we'll stop in Poznan Old Town to lunch and explore it.

Route Warsaw - Poznan -Wroclaw


   We leave the apartment about 9:30 AM. No hassles on reaching Poznan from Warsaw, as hishway A2 links both cities. This motorway has no speed limit but, in exchange, we must stop in three tolls in our way to pay 10, 20 and 20 zlotys. It takes a bit more than 3 hours.
Highway A2 to Poznan
   Once in Poznan we follow the signs to “Centrum”, as we’re doing in all cities, and soon can see the cathedral at our side. A bit later we find a parking place where we can leave the car by 3 zlotys/hour.
Arriving at Poznan
   It’s a short walk until Old Market Square and Town Hall’s beautiful building appears just in front of us, asking for cameras out.
Poznan's Old Town HallPoznan's Old Town Hall
   We enjoy exploring this square, which is full of live, with all these restaurants around and all these kiosks filing the space, which are mainly selling local products.

Fuente de Neptuno en la Plaza Vieja del MercadoOld Market SquareOld Market SquareOld Market Square
   We visit the places around too, like St Stanislaus Church, Dzialinski Palace and Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

St Stanislaus ChurchSt Stanislaus ChurchDzialinski PalaceView of Poznan's Royal Castle
   It’s in one of those kiosks with food in the square where we take our lunch. It’s a sort of barbeque with a lot of different types of sausages. Some of them are huge. We pay nearly 40 zlotys for our two portions there.
Kiosks in Old Market Square
   After this we walk back to the car for the final ride to Wroclaw. It’s a quite shorter drive than the previous one, but we find lots of traffic when leaving the city, which makes first half of the way slow. Second half, though, it’s in the motorway, where we’re fast. It’s windy, and I can feel wind striking the car from the left, sometimes.
Our room in Hotel PatioTram through Wroclaw's Old Town
   When we leave our room in Hotel Patio, we plan to take a walk by the limits of this big Old Town. We pass by Panorama Raclawice building and some churches.
Gothic Monastery Church of St. BernardRaclawice Panorama
   Then, at the North, we reach the Oder river shore, where we can get astonishing views from the other side.

Ostrow Tumski view from Oder riverChurch of St Mary on PiasekWroclaw University
   We go to Piasek Island and, from there, we make our way back to the hotel passing by the University, while the sunset is giving us a wonderful end of the day.

Puesta de sol en el río Oder en WroclawIglesia del Santo Nombre de Jesús