Day 1 (June 16, 2018)   Gdansk


Mapa de Gdansk

   We’ll arrive at Gdansk in our early flight which is scheduled to land at 9:30 AM. Hotel has the main highlights just around, so it should be easy for us to combine our visits with the needed rest after that short sleep.

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Hotel Kamienica Goldwasser

 1- Canal Raduna

 2- Medieval port crane

 3- Ulica Mariacka

 4- Dlugi Targ

 5- Highhland and Golden gates

 6- Nacional Museum


   No issues in our way from home to Gdansk. Just trying to sleep most of the three hours of flight. Once in the airport, picking up the car in Panek is fast. We can use the GPS in the cell phone because of the European roaming to reach the city center. It’s harder to find a place to park in the street and then taking the bags up to the third floor by the stairs.
Our car with PanekOur room in Hotel Goldwasser
   They’re cleaning the room so we go down to the riverside to take some drinks in a terrace, amazed by the views and the boats that are passing, with the famous “Black Pearl” between them. In the room, which is nearly a flat with wonderful views, the first thing to do is changing to summer clothes and then we go down to the restaurant for our lunch. We share the typical dumplings and a main course of meat for each of us: Wild boar for me and duck for Eva. We pay 200 zlotys in total. Everything is delicious.
Views from our room"Black Pearl" in Gdansk
   It’s nearly 4 PM when we’re finally ready to explore the city. We go to the gate to Ulica Maliacka, a picturesque street full of jewelries selling mainly amber, which is the start of the gems in this country.
Gate to Maliacka StreetMaliacka Street
   The street ends in St. Mary’s Church, where we pay 4 zlotys (1 euro) each as admission fee. Inside, we can see beautiful altarpieces, one pieta and, above all, the astrological clock.
Pieta in St Mary's ChurcAstrological clock in St Mary's Churc
   Our way drives us until the Armory, where we have to change to Ulica Dluga where we can see the complex with the Highland Gate, the Prison Tower and the Green Gate before walking back to the river.
St Mary's Church in GdanskArmory in Gdansk
   This is a beautiful street with the highlight in Neptune Fountain, in front of the City Hall. There, the street changes its name to Dlugi Targ.
Golden Gate in GdanskView of City Hall in Dlugi Targ
   We walk through the Green Gate and the bridge to go across the river to Spichlerze Island, where we see the medieval towers and the big and modern panoramic wheel before taken a walk by the riverside to see the most iconic building in Gdansk: the medieval port crane.
Green Gate in GdanskRio Motlawa in Gdansk
   Our room is just besides the crane and we can even see it from the window, but across the river we can get the best views of it.
Gdansk medieval port craneModel of Gdansk medieval crane
   It’s time to come back to our riverside, where the hotel and the crane are. We buy some souvenirs there before going up to the room for a rest.

   We’re pretty tired after this very long day so, it’s just past 6 PM when we go to bed and get our desired sleep.