Day 6 (March 24, 2015)   Tallinn


   We start this day in Tallinn and will spend the morning exploring the historical center with its fantastic Old Town until the time to board the ferry back to Helsinki at 1:30 PM.

   In the same Helsinki terminal we’ll just change to a bigger boat where we’ll spend the night in our trip to Saint Petersburg.

Tallinn Old city map

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Hotel L'Ermitage
 1- Ferry Terminal
 2- Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
 3- St Mary's Cathedral
 4- Town Hall Square
 5- Holy Spirit's Church
 6- St Olaf's Church
 7- Kiek in de Kök tower
 8- Fat Margaret tower


  We want to go early for our visits in order of having as much time as possible to explore the Tallinn’s Old Town, so we’re leaving the hotel around 9 AM. We’re soon at Alexander Nevsky Cathedral after the short walk we know from last night. Photos are not allowed inside.

Toompea CastleAlexander Nevsky Cathedral

   Then we go to St. Mary’s Cathedral nearby but it is closed. We soon find out everything opens at 10 AM here. We go to a lookout point marked in my map but it results to point to the modern city and the sea, it is nice, but I’m looking for the views to Old Town.

Views to Tallinn modern city

   We’re in a hill and when we find a big map standing in the street I can locate there the only lookout to the Old Town, so we’re going there. It is between the 3 and 4 in the map above.

Old Town of Tallinn's views
Old Town of Tallinn's viewsOld Town of Tallinn's views

   As it is 10 AM now we can buy some souvenirs and go to St. Mary’s only to learn we cannot do any pictures inside and admission fee is 2€. As we’ve already seen the interior we leave the cathedral and the hill to get into the walled city.

St. Mary's CathedralTallinn's Street

Gate to walled old city

   The medieval city is charming, with stoned streets and colorful facades.

Tallinn's Old Town wallsViru Gate

   We are visiting every church in the city but all of them are closed. The Town Hall Square appears in the maze of streets as a beautiful space surrounded by restaurants. Here is the world oldest pharmacy.

Town Hall Square in TallinnTown Hall Square in Tallinn

Holy Spirit's Church

World oldest pharmacy

   We explore every corner within the walls because there are no long distances here, and then we leave the old city to go back to the hotel.

St. Nicholas ChurchSt. Nicholas' Church

St. Olaf's Church

Old Town of Tallinn

   We order a taxi where we can confirm the scam in the one yesterday: we pay less than 8€ for the same trip we were charged 27€ yesterday. In the boat, as we’ve got the experience, we go directly to the hall at the front to take a sofa for us. From here we can see the way the boat is following.

Fat Margaret Tower
Tallinn's ferry terminalFerry to Helsinki

   Today is a sunny day and I can do my pictures to the Tallinn skyline from the sea.

Tallinn skyline from Baltic Sea

   The change of boat in Helsinki is easy and, as we leave from the long pass way for the Tallink ferry, we check in and get into the long pass way belonging to St. Peter Line. We must pass a passport control here, though.

Helsinki skyline from Baltic Sea

   This ship is huge, with casino, swimming pool, restaurants… We’re happy with our cabin but when we go up to dinner we find the restaurant closed at 8:50 PM. They explain restaurant time is from 5 PM to 8 PM in Finnish times, as we learn Russia is one hour over it because they don’t change time in winter, so this weekend both countries will be at the same time after European time change. About the dinner, we can spend our tickets in any of the other a-la-carte restaurants. We do it to enjoy a magnificent sushi meal before going to bed.