Day 4 (March 22, 2015)   Santa Claus Village and arrival at Helsinki


   We have to take a flight at 4:50 PM to Helsinki, where we’ll spend the night.

    All the time before that is for visiting whatever we’ve missed in Santa Claus Village.

Santa Claus Village map

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Santa Claus Holiday Village
 1- Husky Park
 2- Snowmobile Park
 3- Reindeer Park
 4- Snowman World
 5- Santa Claus Office


  Today we appear at breakfast just before closing time as yesterday. The limit time for checking out is 12 PM, but they allow us to be until 1 PM free of charge. The other option is to pay 30€ by late check out until 3 PM.

   We follow our plan and go directly to the Reindeer Park for the shortest ride: 400 meters, corresponding to one turn to the circuit they have. We pay 17€ each for it and it takes something less than 10 minutes because, if huskies were surprisingly fast, this reindeer rid is peacefully slow.

Reindeer at Reindeer ParkReindeer ride

   After it we take advantage where we are to take some pictures of us with the reindeers. Since reindeer shed their antlers at different points of the year only one of them is completed.
   We come back to our apartment to make some tries with the sleigh belonging to it, which we haven’t touched until today.

IciclesPlaying with sleigh

   We spend the rest of the time in get our baggage ready and make our lunch, so we’re at reception desk just a few minutes after 1 PM.

Hotel's gift shopLego Santa Claus

   We still have to wait two more hours to be taken to the airport and we do a last walk by Santa Claus Village and, when it starts to snow hard, we seat just besides the desk. We’re saying goodbye to such a magical place where is always Christmas, as can be seen on this video from last night, when I was alone in the night:

   We’re taken to the airport at 3 PM and only 10 minutes after that we’ve already checked in and passed the security control so only have to wait in the small hall with the 5 boarding gates this airport has got. We take off through the snow is still falling and we can barely see anything outside the plane. This Norwegian flight is short and there is free wifi on it! It’s the first time I’m on internet on flight.

Rovaniemi airportNorwegian plane

   We land at 5:45 PM and go directly to the Finnair City bus stop which leaves us in the train station at the city center. We only have about 300 meters to our hotel from there. The bus has free wifi too.

Helsinki airport
Finnair City bus stopHelsinki city center

   We take a walk by the city center by night taking advantage of the amazing location of our hotel.

Helsinki CathedralCathedral Square

   We take our dinner in the bar taken the ground floor of this hotel, which is full of live, sharing a pizza and some chicken wings by 25€. Then we go upstairs to rest and sleep.

Best Western Hotel Carlton entranceOur room at Best Western Hotel Carlton