Day 3 (March 21, 2015)   Lapland


   This day we plan to go to the Snowman World, where we can find a hotel, restaurant and bar made of ice, among other attractions.

  We’ll spend the rest of the day having typical Lappish experiences, like a husky sled ride, driving a snowmobile or a ride in a reindeer sleigh.

Santa Claus Village map

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Santa Claus Holiday Village
 1- Husky Park
 2- Snowmobile Park
 3- Reindeer Park
 4- Snowman World
 5- Santa Claus Office


  As we arrived so late last night, today we’re at breakfast buffet just a few minutes before 10 AM, the closing time.

   Our first visit today is to Snowman World. A thermometer is indicating it is -3║ inside, but as there is -5║ outside we’re going to be very well. Admission fee is 18€ per person but when I’m ready to pay the girl explains there is a 50% discount today, so we pay 9€ each.

Snowman WorldSnowman World

   The first we find inside is the ice bar, where we do a lot of pictures with the ice sculptures. There is nobody else here, not even attending the bar.

Ice Bar in Snowman WorldIce sculpture in Snowman World

   The only exit of this bar goes to a pass way with figures carved at walls and doors at both sides. The most of them are for rooms carved in the snow with beds made of ice. One at left is taking to a big hall which seems to be a restaurant. We leave that for later as there is a group there. Another door at right is addressing outside, to a big area full of attractions carved in the snow, as all sort of slides.

Igloo Hotel roomSnowman World

   As the ticket is a sort of all-inclusive bracelet which allows us to go out and in every time we want along the entire day, we leave the place with the thought of coming back and complete our exploration of the place.
   We keep walking following the road until finding the Husky Park at the end. Inside we can see a lot of dogs in fenced areas, but not a single person.

Husky Park
Husky ParkHusky Park

   When we find a woman we pay 35€ per person to her for a 2 Km ride. She tells us it is less than 10 minutes and gets us into a sled and drives us out of the place to enjoy the beautiful landscape of snowed Lapland, surrounded by trees.
Husky sled ride

   I didn’t imagine we could go this fast with the dogs so I was not ready and I have to leave the camera because my bare hands are hurting with this cold.
   This is a fantastic experience and then we can pet a puppy she brings us from a litter of 6. Then we get warm in a hut with a fire in the middle and hot drinks.

Husky litterGetting warm in Husky Park

   But if we’re talking about “fantastic” experiences, the next is the most. We get into Santa’s Office and cross the iron door marking he is behind. Since this point no photos or videos are allowed and we walk through a path with singular views and sound until a large place with a sort of huge machine with a big pendulum. He is upstairs and can have a little chart with him as he seems to speak every language. We then buy the video and the pictures of the meeting by 40€.

Santa Claus Office entranceDoor to Santa Claus

   After that we get into Snowman World one more time to complete the visit with the restaurant and enjoying the different slides they have there.

Ice restaurant in Snowman WorldIce restaurant in Snowman World

   It is 2 PM when we’re back in our apartment to lunch and rest. We pay the missing sleep last night with a nap. We┤ll only be out for some shopping and talking with the hotel desk about the check out and transfer to the airport tomorrow. Tonight is when we try the sauna in our apartment while we can see a thin green line again in the dark sky through the window.

Santa Claus Holiday Village