Day 12 (March 30, 2015)   Return home


   Finnair has been advancing the time of our return flight until the point this day is not valid for any visit in Moscow so we’ll spend this day entirely to our trip back to home. We only have to board our flight to Helsinki at 11:10 AM and spend 4 hours in the Finnish airport until get our definitive flight to Barcelona.

Our flight back to home


   Our first step in our return to home is getting into the taxi to Sheremetyevo airport we booked yesterday at hotel desk. They have a fixed rate of 2700 rub, which is looking good after our experience when arriving at Moscow.

   We must wake up early as hotel staff insisted on we must leave more than two hours in advance. It looked to me as the classic caution from hotels when talking about taking a flight but they assured this is the time to prevent the traffic in this city. So, the taxi is waiting for us when we’re ready once got our breakfast.

   I’m not surprised when we get the airport some time before the expected but it is always better be with time for these tasks.

Sheremetyevo airport

   We reach Helsinki at scheduled time, 1:30 PM, but I’m surprised when seeing the whole place covered by snow. When we left this city six days ago it looked as if the winter was passed by far.

Snow in Helsinki's airport

   The storm doesn’t look real at the other side of the glasses, with the display at the boarding gate showing 20 at destination: Barcelona.

Snow in Helsinki's airportBoarding gate for flight to Barcelona

Sunset in our way to home   We’re lunching a couple of sandwiches at the cheapest place we could find, but this here means 23.60€ for them and two waters.

   When we board in the last flight of this travel we’re leaving behind our wonderful experience in the arctic and the two magnificent Russian cities.

   We’re coming back to home full of gifts but the best of them may be the one we came for: the view of the Northern lights show on their best version. A dance of lights as if the starry sky was used by someone as canvas for its scribbles.

   The sun is saying good bye too leaving a beautiful picture.