Day 5 (March 23, 2015)   Helsinki


   This day we start in Helsinki and will visit the city center, which we have just around us, and what we have time to see until the time to board to the ferry to Tallinn at 4:30 PM.

   After a 2 hours trip, we’ll spend the night in the Estonian capital city.

Helsinki center map

   The spots marked at map are:

 0- Best Western Hotel Carlton
 1- Helsinki Cathedral
 2- Uspenski Orthodox cathedral
 3- Harbour


  Breakfast time is until 9:30 AM and we appear at 9 AM. Then we go out for a walk to explore the city center of Helsinki under something in the middle of hail and snow. It’s too small to be hail and too heavy to be snow.

As we did last night, in a couple of minutes we’re in Tuomiokirkko, the Lutheran cathedral. This time we go inside.

Senaatintori Square in Helsinki
Helsinki CathedralInterior of Helsinki Cathedral

   After that, we walk through Senaatintori Square, the one just in front of the cathedral, in our way to the sea, where we can see Uspensky Orthodox cathedral. We go upstairs for a closer look but we cannot get in as we find all doors closed. The views are great up here, though.

View of Helsinki
Uspensky Orthodox cathedralView of Helsinki

   The last part of our walk is the harbor, which looks far from the live I know it has in summer. Our short itinerary takes us back to the hotel, where we check out and leave our baggage in their store room.

Helsinki's Soutrhern HarbourHelsinki's Soutrhern Harbour

   We have something important to do this morning. Our insurance company has sent an address for a clinic where they can check Eva’s wrist, which is hurting since she fell on the ice two days ago. It is not far and we go thee by walking. Helsinki is a small city and we feel like we could go everywhere here by walking.

Helsinki's Central railway stationHelsinki's Central railway station

   When we’re done with it we go to Temppeliaukio Church, which is a peculiar church built into solid rock. We leave the place by taking tram 2, which goes to the hotel. We pay 6€ directly to the driver for the two tickets.

Temppeliaukio ChurchTemppeliaukio Church

   We lunch pasta in the same restaurant than last night by 27€ in total and take tram 9 to the ferry terminal. We learn we just need to be 30 minutes before departing time for tomorrow. Now we must wait until 4:30 PM for our ferry to Tallinn.

Boarding gates for ferries to Tallinn
Helsinki Ferry terminalFerry to Tallinn

   It is a two hours trip, which happens through the storm so we cannot go outside to take any look. Then we have a 5 minutes taxi ride to the hotel from the terminal, but we’ve asked for 27€ for it.

Arrival at Tallinn 

   After resting a few minutes we go directly to the old city with the thought of dinner somewhere there. It is with lights but there is nobody in the streets and every business is closed now at 8 PM. We go back to the hotel to take our dinner there by 28€.

Kiek in de Kok Tower by nightTallinn by night

   We go to sleep soon as we want to leave early for our walk in order to having as much time as possible to explore the medieval city.