Day 16 (November 1, 2014)   Kuredu


Flight Kuredu - Malé

   This is a journey for relax in Kuredu Island until the time to take the hydroplane and say good bye to this wonder from the sky, in our way to Malé.

   We’ve got our flight back to home at midnight, at 11:50 PM, so we’re expecting leaving Kuredu as late as possible.

   Then, it will be only a two hours link in Istanbul and our final arrival to Barcelona airport scheduled at 10:45 AM.


   No rush to wake up from bed today: we’re leaving today but, also, keep raining out there. Breakfast time is since 8 AM to 10:30 AM and we appear near the ending time.

   Then we have time to get ready our baggage. A letter delivered yesterday to our bungalow explains we must check out before noon, leaving the bags besides the door so they can take them to the hydroplane. That flight is at 3:30 PM, but we must check in 30 minutes before.

Beach at KureduView of Kuredu

Tree in KureduBird in Kuredu

   With no room and with all the rain we explore parts of the island with the umbrellas, as the long tail of white sand there is at the end of the island, as if it was the trail left in an impossible movement through the sea. We’ve never seen it without people until now under this soft rain.

Kuredu's sand bankKuredu's sand bank from the air

   We can keep our bracelets even after checking out, so all inclusive is still on until we leave the island. We use it to go to lunch and, later on, to go to the snack we’ve missed every day. It is like a brunch, with tea, coffee and pastries.

Brunch at KureduMantarrays over Kuredu's bar ceiling

   While being around we’re told the plane is going to leave later and we can make some time playing pool. These areas with games are more crowded than usual because of the rain, but we’re grateful this day is coming when we’re leaving.

Kuredu's quay

   We finally get into the hydroplane at 4:30 PM and start our long trip back to home.

Our hydroplane is readyInside the hydroplane

   The special light of this sky with storm gives different colors for the reefs and islands we can see from the plane. As I’m permanently looking outside I notice we’re flying in circles around a specific island when I see the same resort for third time, and still will be a fourth and a fifth…

Maldives islands from airMaldivian Island-resort

   We finally land on it, something so weird it requires an explanation from the pilot: domestic airport in Male is closed because of the storm so we must wait. We’re not far from it, though. We can leave the plane to the wooden platform but we cannot go to the island as we’re not customers of this resort.

   As the space is small in the plane the most of us go outside and, due to the rain, we all use the wing of the hydroplane to shelter. This is a peculiar image.

Hydroplane wing sheltering from rainIsland from hydroplane

   When they see we can go on with the trip we take back our seats. I’m not worried about the time as our flight is at midnight but I know hydroplanes cannot fly by night and the sun is leaving so I started to thing we would go to the airport from here by boat.

Night vies of Male from hydroplaneNight vies of Male from hydroplane

   Due to this, any option of going to Male to visit the city is off the table now. We land when there is more darkness than light and once there we change to the international terminal, which is quite crowded.

   I leave the big bags in the baggage storage by 150 MRF each. I’m paying with local money as I need to get rid of it. We spend the rest in food and some gifts to bring. Outside, the storm is getting stronger and the water is getting wet any furniture near the exit.

Male airportBaggage storage at Male airport

   Around 10 PM is when we go to get our baggage back and join the line to the security checkMale view from airport through the storm before the counters. After all the procedures, the hall with the gates is small and full of people but we get two seats. There is not much to do here while waiting for your flight, or that is what it looked like until I find some computers on the wall which surprisingly have free internet!!! With this I can wait no matter how long.

   The trip back to home has no issues and will end this extraordinary travel with two different stages on two different countries, but magnificent both. We got what expected in Maldives but we had our doubts about India, which has finally exceeded my best expectations.