Day 13 (October 29, 2014)   Kuredu: exploring the island


   Entire journey for relax in Kuredu Island.



   For the first time I can remember on this travel today we mustn’t wake up early, but we do it anyway to check the paradise is still there out of our room’s door. I go for a walk following the beach to the South till the end passing by the area with the Water Villages, which don’t make me to regret of choosing a Beach Bungalow.

Water Villas in Kuredu
Water Villas in KureduHermit crab in Kuredu

  In my way I only meet people from the staff cleaning the grass line waves have been making during the night. It is a huge work they must do every morning of the year.

View of Kuredu from de South
Cleaning Kuredu's beachesCoconut heart

   Then we go to breakfast taking our snorkel equipment with us as we plan to spend the morning at the other side of the island. Looking at the image of the island above, if we take the quay as reference, we are on the beaches on the upper coast and restaurants and swimming pool are just at the beginning of the pier.

Kuredu's main swimming poolKuredu's main swimming pool

   We take our place on the swimming pool and we get a couple of cocktails. After some time enjoying the pool water is time for the sea and we go to explore the lagoon at the right of the quay on the image.
Snorkeling in Kuredu

   We wanted to check if the life underwater is like in our side, but here is all larger: is deeper, so we can swim and dive here and there are big groups of big fishes.

Kuredu beachKuredu beach

Snorkeling in KureduSnorkeling in Kuredu

   We’re already in love of this place so we explore it. First I go to the Welcome meeting the do every day at 11 AM. Here they explain everything we should know about the island. I've already known all but one imortant thing: Kuredu is one hour ahead of Male, so we're back to the Indian time.
At Dive Center I get information about where the local reef is: it follows a line parallel to the beach starting at the end of the quay to the right. At the Center for Sea sports I see there is scheduled a trip for tomorrow to see Giant Manta Rays, but the trip is not available for the day after. As I want to do it I go to reception desk to change our Robison Crusoe Experience from tomorrow to the day after so I get tomorrow free. Then I book a place to the manta ray trip by 66$ per person.

Kuredu's villageLizzard in Kuredu

   After lunching we come back to our bungalow to enjoy the beach of our side. During the afternoon people come to see the bunch of stingrays and baby sharks living all around this area.

Crabs in Kuredu
Northern beach of KureduTrees in Kuredu

   I explore deeper our side astonished by the amount of live in this little island.

Sunset in Maldives

   The sunset marks the end of the day and we go out to dinner and walk by the quay, where there is a Tea House at the end with lights to the water where big fishes are coming.

   We don’t join to the party at disco today either and go to bed.