Day 15 (October 30, 2014)   Kuredu: Robinson Crusoe experience


   We've purchased for this day the Robison Crusoe experience, which will make us to spend the morning in a small dessert island for ourselves.

Kuredu and its desert island


   Since we planned all this travel the most special day was the one we have a small beautiful desert island all for us and that day has just come as it is today. Sky looks good, which was our main concern since all the rain yesterday.

   As we must be at 8:45 AM by the tour desks, besides reception desk, we go to take our breakfast with the bag with the things we’re going to take to the island. It is not like the typical question about what you would bring to a desert island as all the survival part coming with the question is already solved here by the hotel: they bring food, drinks and some other items we could need. So we’re bringing in our bag towels, sun cream, some cameras, snorkel.

    The man in charge of the tours takes us to a boat in the quay where they put three cool boxes. The driver takes us to the island and they leave the boxes on a table set in the only entrance to the island through the vegetation, in shadow. One of the boxes is full of food, the other is full of drinks and the third one has some things we can need as a cell phone with cover to call to the resort in case of problems. Our only indication: not to go to the other island as it belongs to another resort.

Desert island where we're going to spend the morning

   I spend just a couple of minutes exploring the island: the path shaped as T takes to a small and beautiful beach at right with a barbeque and a hut with a bed. At left we have a big white sand area connected to the beach we’ve set at, using the hammocks under a roof made of dry leaves.
Our things in the desert island

desert island's beachHammocks in desert island

   I soon realize there is nothing to see underwater as animals are not coming to such shallow and sandy place so we could save bringing the snorkel equipment. About animals, the island is full of hermit crab of all sizes. Somehow, although this could be a point to my fear of tedious in spending 4 hours in such isolated place, it is really the opposite.

View of Maldives
Our desertislandBeach in desert island

   When we’re picked up around 12:45 PM the time has been too short enjoying one of the best environments you can get in Maldives. I think you cannot get to Kuredu and not having this experience as you would miss the best of this country. We’ll never forget this small spot in the sea.

Back to Kuredu

   We are in Kuredu on time to lunch and go directly as don’t want to miss it as yesterday. We spend the afternoon in our beach, although I do some trips to the other coast to snorkel in new places trying to see a turtle, which is the only I miss.

   No turtles for me, but I manage at last to get a picture of the giant bat is flying around the island since the first day.

Last sun rays over our beachGiant bat over Kuredu

   The sunset comes as every day. We still have a lot of hours in this country in front, but we’re saying good bye to everything.

Sunset in Kuredu
Sunset in KureduSunset in Kuredu

   When we go to dinner, decoration recalls us it is Halloween tonight and we take something in the disco before going to bed and think about the baggage we must get ready tomorrow.

Halloween at KureduHalloween at Kuredu